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Step-by-step guide to physiotherapy referrals

Receive fast, expert care

Following your Vitality GP consultation today, you’ve been recommended to arrange a physiotherapy assessment with our partner, Ascenti. 

This guide explains any important information, what you’re covered for and what happens next, so you can complete your physiotherapy referral.

Vitality GP

Important things to remember

  1. As a referral to a physiotherapist will count as a claim, we recommend you check any excess or benefit limits, as these may apply if you proceed with treatment. You can find this within your plan documents in the ‘Health Dashboard’ section of the Member Zone.
  2. Providing you use a physiotherapist from our network, your treatment costs will not be deducted from your Out-patient Cover limit.
  3. Providing you use a physiotherapist from our network, we’ll pay the physiotherapist directly, although you’ll need to pay any excess that applies to your plan. To see if you have an excess on your plan, check your membership certificate. You can find this with your plan documents in the ‘Health Dashboard’ section of the Member Zone.
  4. Sometimes, we may need some more information or to ask your NHS GP to complete a claim form. If this is the case, we’ll contact you as soon as possible and once we’ve received the claim form, we’ll usually let you know our decision within two working days.

What am I covered for?

As part of your video consultation, the Vitality GP will have carried out some provisional eligibility checks to determine whether you’re okay to proceed to arrange treatment with our physiotherapy partner. 

If you can see the ‘Complete my Physio referral’ button below, then you’ve been authorised to proceed with one initial assessment, which you can book directly with our partner Ascenti. Depending on the treatment pathway recommended by the physiotherapist, you can book up to four sessions of physical therapy with an approved Vitality physiotherapist, Virtual or Guided Virtual rehabilitation. 

If we need to advise you of any further limitations or need additional information, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. 

What happens next?

  1. Click the ‘Complete my Physio referral’ button below.
  2. You’ll be taken to the Vitality Care Hub.
  3. From here, you can arrange a video or telephone physiotherapy assessment with our partner, Ascenti, at a time and date convenient for you.
  4. Your post-Vitality GP consultation information will be sent to us to set-up your claim, so you won’t need to contact us to do this. 

What happens during my Physiotherapy assessment?

1. The physiotherapist will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs. This could be one or more of the following:
  • Virtual rehabilitation
  • Guided virtual rehabilitation
  • Face-to-face treatment 
2. If you’re referred for face-to-face treatment, you’ll be able to choose the location that’s most convenient for you. If you have a specific physiotherapist or clinic in mind, let the adviser know and they’ll be able to confirm if the physiotherapist or clinic are part of our network.

3. Our physiotherapy partner will fully manage your treatment and will get treatment authorised on your behalf, so you can focus on recovery. If we need to discuss your treatment or any aspect of your cover, we’ll contact you.  

If you would prefer to see a physiotherapist outside the network

  • You’ll need to ask your NHS GP for a referral.
  • Then you’ll need to contact us to check your chosen physiotherapist is recognised by us and to get your claim approved.
  • You’ll need to pay any invoices directly and send them to us. We’ll reimburse you for up to £35 per session and the costs will be deducted from your Out-patient Cover limit if applicable.
  • If you require further sessions after your initial authorised number, you’ll need to obtain a detailed medical report from your treating physiotherapist for us to assess if further sessions are eligible under your plan. Without this, we may not fund any further sessions.

Who are Ascenti?

Ascenti is part of the Vitality Health Priority Physiotherapy Network, where you’ll receive expert care quickly, with access to over 2,000 accredited physiotherapists conveniently located in clinics across the UK.

Our physiotherapists take a holistic approach to guide you back to health, by assessing your individual situation, and providing personalised treatment that’s right for you. This may include exercises to help relieve daily pain and discomfort, and advice on how to avoid injuries recurring.

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