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Step-by-step guide to our mole analysis service

Making early diagnosis easier

This page explains what happens next if a Vitality GP has referred you for a mole analysis with our partner, Skin Analytics. This is a dermatologist assessment service that allows you to have skin moles checked for skin cancer from the comfort of your own home. This service enables you to get a dermatologist assessment within three working days.

Vitality GP

What happens next?

The Vitality GP will pass your details to Skin Analytics. They’ll send you a high-definition camera to your chosen address. This is also known as a dermascope. It comes with full instructions on taking and submitting your images.

  1. You’ll receive a text message and email from Skin Analytics with instructions on how to create your account. A kit (smartphone, clip attachment and a dermascopic lens) will be sent to you in the post through your letterbox. There’s no need to sign for this.  
  2. Follow the instructions to capture and submit the images of the mole(s) the Vitality GP has referred you for. Your case will be assessed within one working day by a General Medical Council (GMC) registered consultant dermatologist. If the dermatologist thinks that you would benefit from seeing a dermatologist in person for further assessment, a Skin Analytics GP will contact you to make sure you understand the results and have any questions answered.
  3. VitalityHealth will contact you within two working days to discuss whether you’ll be covered privately and complete a referral to our Consultant Panel for quick access to care. You have the option to pay for private treatment yourself if you’re not covered.
  4. Return the kit to Skin Analytics. You need to send this using the prepaid envelope within 48 hours of completing your assessment and receiving your results.

Important things to remember

Using this service won’t count as a claim or affect your benefit limits and renewal premium. Skin Analytics can only assess the mole(s) that the Vitality GP has referred you for. If you need other moles assessing, please book another Vitality GP consultation.

  1. You’ll get a call from VitalityHealth if the dermatologist recommends you need further treatment. VitalityHealth will let you know if we can cover your private treatment and can refer you to our Consultant Panel. 
  2. If you’re referred to our Consultant Panel following your results of the Skin Analytics service, this will be counted as a claim.  
  3. This service is only suitable for patients who are 16 years of age and above.
  4. Skin Analytics are only able to assess up to three moles in one referral. If you need more, please arrange another Vitality GP consultation. 
  5. Using this service doesn’t mean you’ll have private cover for any further treatment that you need.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind about using this service, please call VitalityHealth on 0345 602 3437 and send Skin Analytics an email as soon as possible to

If you’ve received the dermascope and no longer need it, please return it as soon as possible using the pre-paid envelope. 

 If you want to continue your claim and see another consultant, you’ll need to ask your NHS GP for a referral. Then contact Vitality to check your chosen consultant is recognised by us and to get your claim approved. If you need further treatment that hasn’t already been approved, please call Vitality on 0345 602 3437.