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Vitality fitness partner

Up to 40% off Polar devices

Get a discounted Polar device when you buy a qualifying health insurance, life insurance, or investment plan.

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Reach your full fitness potential with Polar

From fitness trackers to heart rate monitors, Polar can help you get the most
out of your performance.

To help our members get active, we’ve partnered with Polar to offer you up
to 40% off selected devices.

Postage and packaging charges may apply.

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How can I get the Polar discount with Vitality?

  • Step 1: Join Vitality

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    Buy any health insurance, life insurance or investment plan.

  • Step 2: Go to Member Zone

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    Unlock discounts and rewards in Member Zone by taking a Health Review. Go to the Polar store, enter your Vitality membership number, and buy your discounted device.

  • Step 3: Earn rewards

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    Link your Polar device to Vitality, track your activity and you could earn Active Rewards. Like a weekly coffee, cinema tickets, and more.

40% off

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a cycling pro, the Polar M460 has the best training for all levels.
• Learn about your recovery time and how long before you can get back on the bike
• Find out how many calories you’ve burned
• Stay connected by receiving calls, text and notifications
• Get feedback on each of your training sessions.

30% off

Get the Polar OH1 to use on land and in water.
• Track your heart rate
• Sync up to 200 hours of data to Polar Beat 
• Broadcast your live heart rate to fitness apps.
Go the distance with the Polar M200.
• Get your heart rate displayed on your watch
• Keep track of how far you go and how long it takes to recover
• Track your steps, sleep, and activity.
Get accuracy with the Polar H10 heart rate sensor.
• Comes with a Polar Pro strap for an accurate reading
• Connect two Bluetooth fitness devices at the same time
• Take a dive and track your swim with water resistance
• Transfer your data to Polar Beat.
The Polar M430 is easy to use and the best training partner for you.
• Check up on your performance
• Get feedback on your daily, weekly and monthly activities
• Take a five minute fitness test to measure your aerobic fitness
• Train for running events with the Polar Flow app.
Connect the Polar A370 to your phone to match your route and destination.
A370 Polar device
• Tracks your speed, distance and wrist movements
• Allows you to sync your training data to other fitness services
• Alerts to keep you active and motivated
• Advanced sleep tracking.

25% off

Swim, run or jog with the Polar Vantage M2.
• Get personalised workouts with the FitSpark training guide
• Come wind, rain or shine get ready for workouts and check the weather forecast on your wrist
• See how your body uses energy when you train.
The Polar Vantage V is stylish with accurate sports features.
Vantage V
• Track your distance during your swimming sessions
• Get guided breathing exercises to relax your body
• Train better with running programs.
Get a sleek, simple and smart design with Polar Ignite 2.
Ignite 2
• 20 hours of continuous training time
• Track your heart rate with advanced sensor technology
• Navigate your playlist and adjust volume.
The Polar H9 is comfortable, affordable and accurate.
H9 Polar hear rate sensor
• Connect to Bluetooth and ANT+ devices
• Find out how many calories you burn in each workout
• Get accurate heart rate readings
• Train with Polar Beat and other fitness apps.
The Polar Unite monitors all of your activity throughout the day.
Polar Unite
• Get daily feedback on stress levels and training
• Use the FitSpark app to get ready-made workouts
• Get motivated feedback straight from your watch
• Stay connected with notifications from your phone.
Get 100m water resistance with the Polar Grit X.
Grit X
• Durable in extreme temperatures, drop and humanity
• Check the uphill and downhill stats from Hill Splitter™ to better your performance
• Sync your date to the Polar Flow app
• Upload your route to help you stay on the right path.

Polar discount FAQs

You can buy one discounted Polar device per plan year. If you buy a Polar device, you won’t be able to get a discounted Garmin device as well.
No, the discount can only be used to buy a device for your own personal use. 
Yes. Terms and conditions are available in Member Zone once you are a Vitality member.

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