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Amazon Echo

An Alexa Flash Briefing skill for daily health and fitness inspiration

Introducing the Vitality Tip of the Day Flash Briefing skill

A Flash Briefing provides a quick overview of news and other content, such as daily health and fitness tips.

Once you’ve asked for your Flash Briefing, Alexa then either reads text content or plays audio content that is provided by each enabled skill.

Get inspired to be healthier and happier with a Vitality Tip of the Day, simply by asking Alexa.

Enable Vitality Tip of the Day

What are the Flash Briefing skill commands?

Ask one of the following questions and Alexa will respond with a useful Vitality Tip of the Day. From reminding you to always eat breakfast to energy-boosting snack ideas and ways to motivate yourself through exercise, this will be a great addition to your morning routine.

  • 1. Ask Alexa

    pink speech buble

  • 2. Or, ask:

    pink speech buble

How do I get the Vitality Tip of the Day Flash Briefing skill?

  • Amazon Echo

    1. Download the Alexa App

    Available from the App Store and Google Play, download the app to your mobile and log into your Amazon account.

  • Alexa app

    2. Set-up your Amazon Echo Device

    Follow the instructions included with your device to set it up and connect to WiFi (and an external speaker if relevant).

  • Alexa skill

    3. Enable the skill

    Go to “Skills & Games” and search for Vitality Tip of the Day. Tap “Enable to use” and you’re ready to go.

Rate and review

Let us know what you think!

To rate our skill and give it a review, simply open the Alexa App, tap ‘Skills’, ‘Your Skills’, ‘Vitality Tip of the Day’ and then scroll down and tap ‘Write a review’.

Let us know what you think of the content and what you’d like to see in future so we can continue to improve the Vitality Tip of the Day Flash Briefing skill.

Want more health & fitness inspiration?

If you like the healthy living tips, why not try the full Vitality Alexa skill to access recipes and workouts too?
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