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What's your motivation?

We’ve all got our reasons to make positive changes in life. The birth of a child. Buying a new home. Saving for your family’s future.

Sharing the benefits of healthy living

Whatever your reason, Vitality protects and motivates you to make it happen.

Smart tech gets you started and rewards keep you going.

Because positive change is good for everyone. We call it shared value insurance and investments.

We’re here to motivate and reward
you for living a healthier life

  • Plans for healthy living

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    Health insurance, life insurance, car insurance or investments.

  • Smart tech to get started

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    Fitness trackers or a Good Driving sensor.

  • Rewards to keep you going

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    Regular treats for getting active or driving well (1).

Stories behind positive change

Vitality's members, staff, advisers and corporate clients have plenty of stories behind the changes they've made in their lives and the role Vitality played in helping them live a happier, heathier life.

Chris Heaney, Vitality Quality Consultant

"We lost my father at age 59, and whilst he was reasonably active, he wasn’t as active in his later life. So after having my first child, I wanted to make sure that I’d be there for her for as long as possible. That meant that I needed to up my exercise commitment, rather than just the bi-weekly 5-a-side footie matches.

"After joining Vitality a few months later, the programme ticked all the right boxes to motivate me, and I jumped in feet first and have been points focused ever since. From day one, I have hit my 40 points every week and I am now a few months away from completing my first marathon, with training going well (25k runs and counting!). I am dedicated to achieving my weekly 40 points and it has helped drag me off the sofa and get active on days where I have felt less motivated.

"My fitness journey has seen some challenges, especially when it comes to the weather! I also twisted my ankle, which cost me five weeks of running, but I managed to stay fit with walks and cardio based training, which allowed me to rest it.

"There have been loads of positive outcomes from making this lifestyle change. Seeing how far I’ve come has given me a personal sense of achievement for my weight loss and has shown me the mental health benefits that exercise can have. Working towards a weekly goal has kept me motivated throughout lockdown and I’ve noticed a significant difference in my mood. It has also inspired my wife to join in and she’s now pushing for her 40 points every week too.

"My advice to those wanting to improve their fitness would be to commit to the Vitality programme. Start with something small, push for incremental improvements and work up from there. Give yourself as many options to succeed and get others involved where possible to maintain engagement and fun."

“I’m Yasmine. I used to suffer from tendonitis. But, now I’ve sorted a balanced, regular exercise routine, I feel stronger and happier than ever.

“Before lockdown, I walked a lot for my daily commute. And although it was good exercise, the repetitive action of walking made my chronic ankle pain worse.

“But, when I started working from home, I finally had the chance to explore better ways of keeping active. I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced that in lockdown.

“Vitality rewards motivated me to build an active routine, especially my Apple Watch.

“My friend then introduced me to the Spotify radio feature, and we found out we could dance to the same music, miles away from each other. Which made me so happy! Dancing was the biggest life-changer. After following the same YouTube videos as my friend, I soon reached a point where my ankle healed enough to try a light jog.

“Before I knew it, I’d built up a list of different activities to choose from. When I didn’t feel up to dancing, I could just go for a jog. Or do some boxing, cycling or yoga.

“I’m now at a point where I can go for a 4k run without pain. That might not sound like much, but I couldn’t do that one year ago. And I feel really good for it. My body probably hasn't changed all that much in appearance, but inside I feel stronger and happier.

“I also challenge myself to earn the full 40 Vitality points every week, when I can. Not to mention a cheeky frappé from Caffè Nero which helps balance out the hard work, too!”

“Hello. My name’s Kim. I lost five stone and now I run five times a week.

“I attended my friend’s wedding in August 2019 and looking back at the photos, I was enormous!

“I had to do something before my then 14-month old son started walking properly. I’ve now maintained my weight for about a year and am confident that this will be a change for life.

“I joined slimming world as a springboard to the weight loss. I ordered my Apple Watch and my new trainers and started running. I couldn’t run very far at first, so I would run for as long as I could and then walk until my heart rate dropped to 140bpm and then start again until I’d hit my 30 minutes.

“I know that my motivation is weak sometimes and quite honestly, there have been a few days where the thought of paying for my Apple Watch, Amazon and losing my Amex and Waitrose cashback have been the only reason I’ve got out of the door.

“Everyone asks what my secret is. I tell them that there isn’t one. Just celebrate every milestone and make sure that if you do slip up, just wake up the next day and get back on it.

“The benefits for exercising regularly have really helped a lot. I’m more confident now. I’ve started dating again and I’m planning for a bright future with my son.

“I’ve decided to lose another stone. It’s nice to be able to say that because historically, I’d have put the weight back on by now.”

Further information

(1) Vitality Programme benefits and rewards vary by insurance or investment plan.

For more information, take a look at our Rewards.