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How To Redeem Your Coffee At Home Voucher

Step 1 - Receive your voucher

1. Receive your reward

Once you’ve earned 40 activity points between the first and last day of a calendar month we’ll send a voucher for your Coffee at Home product to the ‘Wallet’ section of your Caffè Nero app by the 10th working day of the following month.

Head into the Caffè Nero app to see the vouchers available to you and the expiry date for each voucher.
Step 2 - choose Coffee at Home product

2. Choose your Coffee at Home product

Visit online or via the link from the Caffe Nero app. 

Browse products from the ‘Coffee and Capsules’ range and add your chosen product(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout.
Step 3 - Link yoyo

3. Link your Caffè Nero and Yoyo account

At checkout, select ‘Sign in with Yoyo’ and use your Caffè Nero login to allow Yoyo to link with your account.

What is Yoyo?

Yoyo powers the Caffè Nero app and will allow you to apply your Vitality Coffee at Home vouchers.
Step 4 - Checkout with Nero

4. Checkout

Once signed in, fill out your shipping and billing details and select ‘Continue’.
Select ‘Caffè Nero’ in the payment section, this allows you to apply your Vitality Coffee at Home voucher(s) in the next step.

You will also need to add card details to your Yoyo account to pay for any additional products within your order and for delivery charges.

Step 5 - Apply your voucher

5. Apply your voucher

Check your order summary and select ‘Add a Voucher’ to get a list of the available vouchers on your Caffè Nero account.

Select ‘Use this Voucher’ on the voucher you wish to apply to your order. You should now see the voucher applied within your order summary.
Step 6 - Complete order

6. Complete order

Select ‘Pay now’ to pay for any additional products within your order as well as the standard delivery fee of £2.50.

Once you have completed payment you will receive an order number as well as a confirmation email containing information about your purchase.

Enjoy Caffè Nero’s finest coffee delivered straight to your door!

All Caffè Nero coffee is sourced alongside the Rainforest Alliance, to encourage long-term sustainability. Capsules are all Nespresso© compatible, and made of aluminium, which can be recycled.