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Your guide to aligning cinema weeks

On the Member Zone or Vitality Member app

If you have children under 18 on your plan, both adults need to earn 12 activity points a week for the same two consecutive weeks to unlock your child cinema tickets.

You could both be earning 12 activity points for two consecutive weeks, but if you didn’t earn your points in the same two-week period, you’ll only unlock your own cinema ticket, not child tickets.

Cinema tracking 1


Let’s take a look at an example over a two-week period.

The first adult has earned 12 activity points, so has progressed to week 2. The second adult has only earned 6 activity points, so has remained in week 1.

This means they are no longer aligned and are unable to unlock child dependant tickets.

What is cinema week alignment?

We’re introducing the ability for adults to align their cinema weeks, so they will be in the same week again. 

Then, if they both earn 12 activity points a week for the same two consecutive weeks, they’ll unlock their child dependant tickets. 

This alignment option will only be available to the adult who has progressed to week 2.

Align weeks button

Step 1

The eligible adult will see a message telling them they have the option to align cinema weeks. 

Align confirm

Step 2

You’ll be asked to confirm you want to align cinema weeks.

Once you click confirm you won’t be able to undo your alignment.



Align success

Step 3

You’ll see a message to tell you the cinema week alignment was a success.





Align in progress

Step 4

The alignment may take some time to process.

Your current cinema weeks will remain the same until the alignment has processed. 

Visit the cinema section later and you'll see that your cinema weeks have aligned.




Step 5

Once your cinema week alignment is complete, you’ll be able to see on your tracking bubbles that both adults are now on week 1 and the week dates are aligned.





Frequently asked questions

Here's what Vitality members have been asking

Can the other adult dependants on my plan align cinema weeks?

No, adult dependants aged 18 years or over on your plan need to earn their own points for their cinema ticket. Their activity points don’t count towards unlocking child dependant cinema tickets.

If I align my cinema weeks, will our weeks be permanently aligned?

Your cinema weeks will be aligned as long as you both earn 12 activity points a week for the same two consecutive weeks. If one of you progresses to week 2 without the other again, you’ll always have the option to align your cinema weeks.

Will I keep any points I’ve earned in week 2 if I align cinema weeks and go back to week 1?

Yes, you'll keep any points you've earned if you align your cinema weeks, it's just the week that will reset.