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David Lloyd Clubs FAQs

Get the help you need with the David Lloyd Clubs FAQs
We have increased our gym coverage across the country following a review. This means the David Lloyd Clubs benefit is no longer available.
If you signed up before 31 December 2021, you can use your discounted membership until 31 December 2022. You’ll also be able to continue to earn Vitality activity points until 31 December 2022.
David Lloyd Clubs will contact you closer to the time to explain what your options are.
No. We only allow one discounted gym membership per member.
Please contact your home club. Once you’ve completed the initial three-month term, you’ll need to give a full calendar months’ notice.
Yes, but you'll need to cancel your David Lloyd Clubs membership first. You'll then be able to sign-up to another gym through Vitality. David Lloyd Clubs cancellation terms and conditions will apply.

You’ll need to transfer your gym membership by the 15th of any month. This ensures your new Vitality discount will be applied the following month.
Please note, if you leave the David Lloyd Clubs gym benefit, you cannot re-join.
Please contact David Lloyd Clubs to discuss the multi access club rules.
After an initial three-month term, you’ll be on a rolling month-to-month membership. You’ll need to give a full calendar months’ notice if you need to cancel your membership. 

David Lloyd will contact you near the end of your contract to see if you want to renew.
You can only earn Vitality points when your visit is registered by your club. If your swipe card isn’t working or there is no one on reception, you’ll need to ask the gym to update your records.
If you cancel your Vitality plan or leave your group plan, your membership will change. It will transfer to the standard rate for Individual Flexible Platinum membership. David Lloyd Clubs will write to you to confirm your new rate. 

If you want to cancel your David Lloyd Clubs membership, you’ll you have to wait until after the first three months. After that you’ll need to give one calendar months’ notice.
It can take up to 48 hours for your gym visits to show on your Vitality points statement. If you think a visit isn’t showing on your statement, please contact your club first and ask them to check. If your visit still isn’t showing after this, send us a Vitality points query.