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Find the right support and care.

Our mission is for a healthier world, and we pride ourselves on really caring about our customers. 

Getting extra support

Here you can find information on how we can support you. This includes the services available through us, as well as external organisations. We have support here for bereavement, serious illness, and mental health.

If you already have cover with us, you may find the support you need through your plan. Have a look at your plan terms and conditions or get in touch with us.

You can also scroll down to find a list of organisations which can provide help and advice to support you whatever your circumstances. 

What Vitality can do to support you

Depending on your circumstances, we can:

  • Send your key written communications in a different format, such as large print or braille.
  • Change the way we speak to you when you get in touch with us.
  • Add a friend or family member to your account so they can speak on your behalf.
  • Offer support when finding a charity or organisation who can provide more help.

Let us know if you'd like assistance

 If you'd like to tell us about your circumstances, you can contact us by phone on 0345 602 3523.

Are you looking for further support?

Whether you have health insurance, life insurance, car insurance or an investment plan with us, Vitality supports you in more ways than one.

If you’re looking for further guidance, you’ll find a list of organisations and charities below. We have hand-picked each one for their excellent resources and support. Use the tabs at the top to find what you need.

Every single person is unique, as is every support need. Mental health support is part of our core VitalityHealth product. All our customers with a health plan have access to Talking Therapies.

Depending on your plan, you may have access to extra support though our optional additional mental health cover. This includes further cover for out-patient, in-patient and day-patient treatment, as well as unlimited Talking Therapies.

Have a look at your plan terms and conditions or get in touch with us.

0345 602 3523

If you need further support, you'll find some useful links and charities below:


Mind is a charity dedicated to mental health. They exist to make sure no one faces mental health problems alone. Mind will listen to you and offer support and advice.

Tel: 0300 123 3393
Lines open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, except for bank holidays

Young Minds

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity for children and young people's mental health. You can text their Crisis Messenger for free 24/7. This gives you access to trained volunteers who are supervised by experienced clinicians. Texts are free from most major mobile networks.

For urgent help, text YM to 85258


When life is difficult, the Samaritans are there. Their services run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year-round. They are here to listen and provide support, aiming for no one to have to face mental health issues alone.

Tel: 116 123 (UK and ROI)

NHS 111 Service

The 111 non-emergency helpline is there for mental health problems too. Call 111 if you or someone else has mental health symptoms and you’re not sure what to do.

Tel: 111

If you already have cover with us, you may find the support you need through your VitalityHealth or VitalityLife plan. Have a look at your plan terms and conditions or get in touch with us.

0345 602 3523

If you aren't a Vitality member or require further support, please see the links and charities below.

Willow Foundation

Support for seriously ill young adults. The Willow Foundation aim to provide unique and unforgettable experiences to redress the balance in your life. These include ‘special days’ and ‘special treats’.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation provide information on heart and circulatory diseases to help better understand and manage a condition. All information is checked by clinical experts.

Cardiomyopathy UK

Cardiomyopathy UK are a specialist national charity for people affected by cardiomyopathy. They provide support and information services, including help understanding your diagnosis and advice on how to live well.

Stroke Association

The Stroke Association provide specialist support. They make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives. The website provides information about strokes; how to live well, managing your risks and finding support.


The MS Trust support those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and their loved ones. Their mission is to make sure no one deals with it alone, and to give easy access to everything you may need. This includes support with diet and exercise, family and relationships, finances, and even travel. The website has a huge amount of information about MS, as well as access to support.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK offer expert advice for everyone affected by diabetes. This includes how to live well, preventing type 2 diabetes, and emotional wellbeing. There is also a large amount of information and support.

We understand that dealing with cancer is tough for you and your family. If you already have a health plan with us, you will find the support you need through your plan. Have a look at your plan terms and conditions or get in touch with us.

0345 602 3523

For further charities and support, look through the links below.

Macmillan Cancer Support 

Macmillan do whatever it takes to support people with cancer. Their website is a great hub for advice and information on different cancers.

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK are working towards a world free of limitations from prostate cancer. They are passionate and caring and have some of the brightest minds in science.

Penny Brohn

Penny Brohn are there to support you through your cancer journey, as it takes more than medicine. Self-care and managing the emotional impact of living with cancer are their priority.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research is a fantastic hub for everyone affected by cancer. Find support, fund raising opportunities and cancer information.

Look Good Feel Better

Here you can find physical and emotional support with living with side effects of cancer treatment.

Maggie's Centres

Maggie’s Centres offer free professional support to anyone with cancer, or their loved ones. They have walk in centres as well as online support.

Knowing where to turn when someone dies can feel overwhelming. Here are some resources and charities to turn to for support. They can advise you with practical help or provide a support network when you need it most.
If you’re looking to claim on a Vitality Life insurance plan, our team are here to help you every step of the way. Read our Guide to Claims brochure which contains contact details and your next steps.
0345 602 3523

Cruse Bereavement Care 

Cruse is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They offer support, advice and information to children, young people, and adults when someone dies. They aim to enhance society’s care of bereaved people. 

Grief Chat 

Grief Chat believe professional bereavement support should always be accessible to those in need. They give anyone bereaved access to speak with a professional and qualified bereavement councillor online via their instant chat service. This service is free, and available to anyone.

Services available Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm (GMT).

Trust Inheritance 

Trust Inheritance offer practical support on what to do when someone dies. This includes registering a death, organising a funeral, and applying for probate. They also help with Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.


If you're struggling to pay your premiums, please get in touch with us. We are happy to chat through with you and look at options to make things easier.

0345 602 3523

For further financial advice and support, have a look at the following charities and links:

Citizens Advice 

Citizens Advice offer free, impartial, and confidential advice on managing your finances. This can be done over the phone or online.


Turn2us offer lots of useful tools and support to manage your finances. This includes a benefits calculator, grants search, energy and water bill support, and a helpline. 

Our website has been designed to be accessible for everyone. You can find more information on our accessibility page
If you would like to speak to us over the phone and have hearing difficulties, have a look at Relay UK below. We can facilitate calls with Relay UK services.

Relay UK 

Relay UK help those with speech impediments and hearing difficulties communicate over the phone.

Our digital documentation is compatible with certain screen readers, and we have accessibility options online.  
If you are an existing customer and would prefer to have your documentation printed, we are able to send your key documentation in in large print or braille. Get in touch for more information.
0345 602 3523

Vitality support

  • Claiming

    Information on how to make a claim on your Vitality plan.

  • Later life plans

    See our range of Life Insurance cover options to help with the costs of later life conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

  • Mental health

    Keep your mind healthy and your body will follow, check out our mental health support through our health insurance plans.

  • Tools

    Browse our selection of tools built to support you.


For the sight impaired – if you would like to receive your key documentation in an alternative format, or would like more information on our alternative format options, please get in touch.

If you have a speech or hearing impediment - you can call us using Relay UK.

Our website is designed to be accessible to everyone. Find out more on the link below.

How Vitality can support you

Explore our insurance plans and investments to discover how we can help you.


    Our car insurance rewards you for driving well which encourages better driving. This results in safer roads and benefits the environment.


    Avoid NHS waiting lists and access our Vitality GP. Get advanced cancer cover as well as weight loss and menopause support.


    Get discounts and rewards with your investments. 


    Protection from the financial impact of illness, injury, and death. We also have optional Dementia and Frailcare cover, and reward you for living well.

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