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Frequently asked questions

For Advised members only.

Capital at risk. Terms and conditions apply.

Invest in eligible Vitality funds continuously for five years and we'll boost your investments with extra money.
Stay invested in eligible Vitality funds and every five years we'll boost your investments again.
Leave your money invested longer for even bigger boosts – every five years, we’ll boost them by an extra 2% again.
We’ve partnered with leading investment managers, Vanguard, SEI and Investec Asset Management‎, to build a range of Vitality funds. Every fund is designed to achieve the outcomes you want  whether that’s growing your investment, generating an income in retirement, or managing the risk you take.
Every five years, as long as you stay invested in eligible Vitality funds. If you withdraw your money or switch your money into third-party funds, no boost will be payable to your ISA.
We have a range of eligible Vitality funds listed on our website - see details. The bigger your investment in these funds, the bigger the boost could be.
Yes, it would become part of your child's Junior ISA investment. 
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Junior ISA
  • Our advised Retirement Plan (while saving towards retirement)
The size of your boost depends on how much you invest in Vitality funds and how long you save for. It starts at 2% of your investment in our Vitality funds – plus any returns.