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Junior ISA

Learn more about our Stocks and Shares ISA for Children

What is a Junior ISA?

‘ISA’ stands for Individual Savings Account, and it’s a tax-efficient way to invest. A Junior ISA is designed to make saving for your kids’ future easy. It works just like an ‘adult’ ISA, except the money can only be taken out by the child when they turn 18. When they turn 18, they also have the choice to keep their money invested in an ISA.

Our Junior Stocks and Shares ISA features

✓ Easy to start
Open a plan with as little as £50 a month, or a lump sum of at least £1,500. You can apply online in minutes.

✓ Easy to manage
Stop, start, increase or decrease regular contributions, and pay in lump sums at any time, up to your child’s annual Junior ISA allowance. Login to Member Zone to view and manage your investment.

✓ Hassle-free transfers
Easy transfer of existing Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund, without affecting your child’s annual Junior ISA allowance for this tax year.

✓ Potential to boost your child’s ISA even further
Our Investment Booster and Healthy Living Discount could add extra money on top of returns.

Capital at risk
Open a Junior ISA

Please remember, the value of investments - and the income from them - can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than you invest. This information is based on our understanding of existing tax legislation which may change in the future.

Transfer a JISA or Child Trust Fund (CTF) to us

If you want to transfer an existing CTF to a VitalityInvest Junior ISA, you’ll need to do this when you first open the plan. We’ll help you through the process of transferring by providing the correct forms to complete. Please check with your existent provider whether exit charges apply.

Only children under the age of 18 and resident in the UK can hold a Junior ISA. It's not possible for a child to hold both a Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund (CTF). If your child was born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011, the UK Government would have automatically opened a CTF on your child's behalf. If your child holds a CTF, you can transfer the investment into a Junior ISA. Parents or guardians can open a Junior ISA and manage the account on behalf of a child, but the money belongs to the child and the investment is locked until they reach 18 years of age.

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Why a Vitality Junior ISA is different

You’ll get all the same features as other Junior ISAs, plus:

1. You could pay no product charge
Maintain healthy lifestyle habits and you could save up to 100% on the product charge, with our Healthy Living Discount. Please visit the Healthy Living discount page for more information.

2. You could earn extra money – on top of any returns
Our unique Investment Booster rewards loyalty by adding extra money to your child’s investment every five years. Please visit the Investment Booster page for more information. 

3. We’re backed by leading investment managers
Our partnership with Investec Asset Management and Vanguard – with over £4 trillion in assets under management – means your money is in experienced hands*.

*Investec assets under management at 30 September 2018: £109.2 billion 
*Vanguard assets under management at 31 January 2019: £3.9 trillion 

See what your child's Vitality ISA could be worth

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