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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the FAQs on our Retirement Booster

For Advised members only

Currently, when you reach 55, you have many ways to access your money. One way is to allocate your savings into a VitalityInvest Retirement Plan for income drawdown, available for advised customers. This is when you keep most of your pension pot invested and draw a regular income from it. When you do this, we could reward you for saving wisely and staying healthy.

  • Get rewarded with our Vitality Programme
  • Take part in the programme and earn Vitality points
  • Keep your pension pot invested in eligible Vitality funds

Each year, we’ll look at how much income you’ve taken from your pot, how much you have invested in eligible Vitality funds, and your Vitality status. We’ll use this to work out how much you get back with our Retirement Booster. The more you engage, and the more you keep invested, the more you could get back – up to 50% of what you draw down each year.

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