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Retirement Plan

Take steps towards the retirement you want – and be rewarded for it

With a VitalityInvest Retirement Plan, you’re able to invest in a wide selection of funds. You’ll get tax relief on the money you put in. Any growth, interest and dividends will be tax-free, though you may need to pay tax on any money you withdraw.

The VitalityInvest Retirement Plan is only available through financial advisers.

Currently, when you reach 55, you can access your money in a way that works for you. One option is to take 25% as a tax-free lump sum, using the rest to provide a taxable income.

Any tax benefits you receive depend on your tax position as well as current tax law – both of which may change in the future.

At a glance

Easy to start

Start a plan with regular contributions of £200 a month, or with a lump sum of at least £3,600. There’s no minimum amount for additional lump sums.

Easy to manage

Stop, start, increase or decrease (subject to product minimums) regular contributions, and pay in lump sums at any time up to your annual tax allowance. 

Simple transfers

We make it easy for you to bring eligible pension pots together into one VitalityInvest Retirement Plan.

It's important to understand that pension transfers are a complex area and may not suit everyone. Before going ahead with a pension transfer, we strongly recommend that you compare all the charges, features and services offered. To find out what else you should think about before transferring, talk to an authorised financial adviser.

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