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Frequently asked questions

Want to know how to view your plan, transaction and balance? Our FAQs are here…
  • Stocks and Shares ISA - Invest across a range of funds with a flexible, tax-efficient plan. 
  • Junior ISA - A Stocks and Shares ISA to build up a tax-free savings pot for your child. 
  • Retirement Plan - Get tax relief on your contributions, enjoy flexibility in how you take your money at retirement. The VitalityInvest Retirement Plan is only available through financial advisers.
  • ISA: £20,000
  • Junior ISA: £9,000
  • Pension contributions: currently up to £40,000 per annum, although some investors may be able to carry forward tax allowance from previous tax years. A lower limit may apply for high earners and people in draw down. Consult a financial adviser for more information.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) tax rules and the eligibility to invest in an ISA, Junior ISA or personal pension depend on your personal circumstances. All tax rules may change in future.

This will depend on how you purchased your investment. If you invested in an ISA or JISA directly through our website, you will have a range of self-service functionality through the Member Zone including topping up, trading, and withdrawing from your investment. If you invested through an adviser, you may have limited functionality on the Member Zone, depending on what permissions your adviser has granted.
No, we’re an online provider so all of your documents and corresponded will be held in the Member Zone. You can log in at any time to view your plan, transactions and any notifications that we’ve sent you. Currently some JISA documents are sent by post although these will move online too.
You can take out an ISA or JISA through our website without speaking to a financial adviser. Please note, these guidance above is not a personal recommendation of a particular investment. If you need help to decide, speak to an authorised financial adviser. However, you’ll need to speak to a financial adviser in order to buy a Retirement Plan.   If you don’t have a financial adviser, you can find one at
No, we don’t offer any advice to customers. You’ll need to speak to your financial adviser if you have one, alternatively you can find one at
When you invest with us you can get access to the Member Zone, which lets you see all your plan documents and manage your account.

Product charge – tiered, so the more you invest, the lower the rate you pay. You could also reduce it with the Healthy Living Discount. 

Fund charge - for the ongoing management of the funds. 

Adviser charge – this is what we pass on to your financial adviser for providing you with advice relating to your plan. The amount is agreed between you and your adviser and not set by us.