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Personal best (noun): Tomorrow's starting line.

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What's your personal best?

Everyone’s personal best looks different. Your lunchtime walk in the park is another person’s marathon. 

Fast, slow, big or small – it doesn’t matter how you do it. Every step you take is progress towards a healthier you. 

That could mean a morning walk with the kids to school. Or cycling to work once a week. Maybe a weekend doing the gardening. Whatever your style, it all counts towards your daily steps and workouts. 

So, let’s help you reach your personal best this summer. We can’t wait to celebrate your progress when you do. 

Taking the first step

Learn how to earn points and make the most of your plan.

Get set up to be your personal best this summer

Here’s some motivation to get your health moving forward this summer, whatever your goal – one small step at a time.

Watch the video to learn how to earn Vitality points and how to make the most of your Vitality plan.

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Small wins, big results

Every step is progress so let's get you moving more today

Illustration of two women walking uphill with backpacks on

Need somewhere to start?

Let’s find somewhere new to get those steps in with our walking route inspiration platform. 

Vitality & Go Jauntly have paired up to give you a range of trails near you, at whatever intensity you like. You might even discover a new favourite. 

Explore your next walking route today.

Summer with Waitrose & Partners

Spice up your meals with mouth-watering recipes

Illustration of a man cooking his food on a BBQ

Boost your nutrition with James Hudson

Planning a summer barbecue? Or a family picnic? Our registered nutritionist, James Hudson, has you covered with these quick, tasty recipes.

Plus, qualifying plans can get you cashback savings when you use your Waitrose benefit, so dinner won't break the bank!

Inspiring you to move more

Discover what 'personal best' means to our members, ambassadors and even Stanley

Be inspired by our members

See how real-life customers find joy in their everyday habits and earn their points. We hope their stories inspire you to move your health forward too.

Making each day a personal best

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Stanley and Nat Sciver-Brunt's daily PBs 

Jessica Ennis-Hill in pink running top

Jessica (athlete)

"Creating time for 15 minutes of mindfulness at the end of the day."

Photo of Stanley the dog on a white background

Stanley (our top dog)

"Downward dog and deep breaths set me up for the day."

Nat Sciver-Brunt holding a cricket bat

Nat (cricketer)

"An ice bath and a big glass of water before I start my day."

Man walking his dog on the beach as he listens to a walking meditation

Step into calm

When your body feels great, your mind does too. Let’s take a step back and breathe.

With the warmer weather here to stay, it’s the best time of year to enjoy a walk out in nature.

We’ve teamed up with our partner Headspace to bring you some Vitality walking meditations to help calm the noise.

Plus, that means you can get points for both your mindfulness minutes and activity steps.

Looking after your mind and body

Illustration of lady with hands in the air dancing to music

Ready to smash the rest of the year?

Try our easy-to-use points calculator to see how to build your own plan to boost your points and status.

Plus if you enjoy working out to energising music, check out our Vitality Blast Playlist on Spotify to keep your energy up!