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What are active goals?

Find out how to set active goals in the Member Zone and the types of goals you can set as a target to help you get healthier.

Get Vitality points for improving your health

Once you’ve completed the online Health Review, we’ll recommend goals based on what will make the most impact on your health. Your goals are unique, and can change as you work to improve your health or as we receive more results, for example from a Vitality Healthcheck or health screen. 

You could set goals to: 

  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight by eating a more nutritious diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make better lifestyle choices such as staying or becoming tobacco-free
  • Learn more about certain medical conditions or risks

You activate the goals that you want to work on and we’ll advise you how many Vitality points you can earn for achieving each goal. You’ll earn Vitality points when you participate in activities that help support your goal, for example tracking your activity, and additional points when you complete an active goal.

How do I activate goals?

Here are the quick steps to set and achieve your personal goals: 

  • First take the online Health Review
  • Then click on the ‘My active goals’ tab at the top of the page.
  • From here you can choose which goals you’d like to set. You’ll be able to see why we’re recommending each goal, what you need to do to achieve it, how many Vitality points you can earn and how long you’ve got to complete the goal. We’ll recommend a maximum of three goals at any time
  • Come back to the 'My active goals' tab at any time to see how long you’ve got remaining to complete each goal, or if you’d like to cancel a goal and set a new one.
  • You can also access your active goals from the Member Zone home page, and from the My Vitality section of the site.

Will new goals be suggested every time I take the Online Health Review?

The goals we suggest vary depending on your answers to the online Health Review. If any of your answers or measurements have changed, we might suggest new goals. This won’t affect any goals that you’ve already set and are in progress.

When will I receive Vitality points for completing a goal?

If we can track your progress towards completing a goal with our partners, we’ll update your Vitality points within two weeks of completing a goal. For example monitoring your exercise using a linked activity tracking device.

For other goals, for example losing weight or lowering your cholesterol, you’ll need to submit evidence before the goal end date. You’ll find details of all the information we need on Confirm a Vitality activity.

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