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2021 survey update: We’re busy developing the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey for a spring 2021 launch. We want to make sure the survey is relevant for all your organisation's personal and environmental circumstances. 

In the meantime, we're introducing the Vitality Workplace Wellness Survey. A condensed version of the main survey, it will help you understand your team’s health and wellbeing. Maybe they're nervous about remote working or concerned about returning to work? The assessment helps you understand any emerging risks to their health and productivity.

Email by 28 February 2021 to get a survey form. It's free and takes just 15 minutes to complete.

If you would like to receive email updates about Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, complete the form below to register your interest. Our support team will be in touch when more information is available.

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About your organisation

Please advise us if you would like to survey staff separately by location or business unit, as this will impact on the way that we structure your survey (for example; 'London, Glasgow, Birmingham' or 'Head Office, Sales, Distribution'). You are able to select up to 6 segments for this purpose, provided that each segment has a minimum of 20 employees.