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The UK’s largest employee wellbeing survey

Welcome to Britain's Healthiest Workplace?

Help your employees get happier, healthier and more productive

Workplaces are increasingly prioritising the health and wellbeing of their employees. Our survey, which is now closed, explored the different strategies that businesses are using to achieve this goal.

Whether through enticing incentives, business health insurance or embracing more casual wellness programmes, the results of the survey show businesses are taking a holistic approach when it comes to improving employee health.

Founded by Vitality, the Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey: 

✓ Gives you deep insight into your employee’s lifestyle, physical and mental health and affects the pandemic has had on them 
✓ Gives you recommendations to help boost their physical and mental wellbeing
✓ Helps improve business outcomes like productivity and retention
✓ Helps you write, execute and measure an effective wellbeing strategy.

In January we announced the 2023 winners in the three organisation size categories.  

The latest data

Insights from the 2023 survey. 

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The latest winners

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Who topped the leader board in 2023?

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What our participants think

Since 2013, 645 organisations and 198,000 employees have taken part.

  • "It can help shape the strategy going forward"


    "I think it's a good all-round survey that gives insight into all areas of working for the organisation from an individual perspective. Gives some good information back that can help shape the strategy going forward."

  • "Great insights on which areas of wellbeing we should invest in"


    ""It provides great insight on which areas of wellbeing we should invest in to have tangible health benefits, and our leadership's commitment to health and wellbeing. It's provided some great evidence to reinforce the current public health situation with regards to financial wellbeing and general lifestyle."

  • "The data is always really useful and valuable"


    "Great survey, the data is always really useful and valuable to back up things we say or assume. It was a great tool to demonstrate that the health of our employees is changing and deteriorating and that line managers need to change their traditional approach. They need to acknowledge how wellbeing impacts performance and include this in more of their 121's and personal goal setting."

Lessons from our 2022 winners

Previous years' winners share the five actionable insights they gained from participating in the Britain's Healthiest Workplace 2022 survey.

We hear how the lessons these organisations learnt can be embedded into your own organisations.

Employee health and wellbeing has never been so important

Vitality's Britain's Healthiest Workplace survey has played a pivotal role in helping UK businesses prioritise employee wellbeing. Small businesses and corporate enterprises alike see the value this can bring to their organisation.

“It’s clear from Britain’s Healthiest Workplace findings that the UK is facing a perform storm when it comes to wellbeing at work. The survey is an important step in any organisation’s journey towards cultivating healthier, more productive workplaces.”

Professor Dame Carol Black DBE, FRCP BSD. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace chair and Chair of NHSE/I Health and Well-being Advisory Group on employee health

Dame Carol Black

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