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For 2 to 249 employees

Small business health insurance, with up to 3 months’ premiums as cashback

Join Vitality and you could earn up to 3 months' premiums as cashback when your business gets active. 
Limited-time offer, ends 31 Jan 2022. Available to businesses without an existing health insurance policy. Terms apply.

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Small business health insurance, with big business benefits

Business is all about people. So looking after your employees' wellbeing can make a real difference to them, and your business. Whether you look after two or 249 people, our small and medium business health insurance can help.

They'll get fast access to private healthcare when they need it the most. If they need to stay in a private hospital, we'll pay the consultant fees in full, for any covered treatment. We're proud of being an insurer to offer a Full Cover Promise. And if they live a healthy life, we'll reward them and your business, for their positive lifestyle choices. Those are some of the reasons why we have a 5 Star Rating from Defaqto.

Are you looking for your own cover as a small business owner? Get in touch for a quote on 0161 974 2591.
If you'd rather have a unit price per member, choose our corporate health insurance. If you're not sure what you're after, give us a call on 03453075071.

What does our small and medium business health insurance cover?

  • Primary care


    Online doctor appointments through our virtual GP app. Plus, up to £100 per year for private prescriptions and minor tests.

  • Cancer treatment

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    Comprehensive treatment and support following cancer diagnosis, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  • Mental health

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    Up to eight sessions of face-to-face therapy and counselling. 

  • Hospital care

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    Eligible treatment costs paid. These include consultant fees, diagnostic tests and scans if you're admitted to hospital. 

Share the benefits of healthy living with your employees

Our Vitality Programme helps you improve employee health, through rewards for healthy living. By encouraging your employees to get active, they will get rewards for their efforts. Like a deal on Apple Watch.

To access their plan's benefits and rewards, all they need to do is complete a Health Review in our Member Zone. Then they can track their activity and earn points to build a Vitality status.

The higher the status, the bigger the rewards. Try our calculator to see how the programme can help your employees get healthier and benefit from better productivity, better performance and higher job satisfaction.
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Give your employees easy access to healthcare

If they need to claim on their cover, it’s quick and easy to get care. We provide digital tools that they can access, whenever and wherever they need it:

Vitality GP app
Our Vitality GP app allows them to book an online appointment with a private doctor.

Care Hub
Our Care Hub allows them to: 
- self-refer for physiotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy 
- request care for a new condition, and 
- view treatment information like upcoming appointments. 

For anything else, Member Zone gives them a ‘one-stop shop’ online to access their plan and benefits.

Using Vitality's Care Hub

Get healthcare benefits for your business too

When your employees get healthier, they'll improve their Vitality status. We then reward your business with cashback on your premium.

Our digital tools also extend to helping you manage your group employee scheme. Our Employer Hub helps you to add joiners or remove leavers. We also provide engagement support to help you promote Vitality in your business.
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Is your business thinking about moving to a hybrid way of working?

Help put your employees' health and wellbeing at the heart of your business. You can find out more about hybrid working from our new report. We're partnered with the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce.
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Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

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Small business health insurance FAQs

  • Hospital fees
  • Consultant/Specialist fees when admitted to hospital
  • Cancer treatment once diagnosed, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, oncologist fees and surgical procedures
  • Out-patient treatment and minor diagnostic tests (optional)
  • Vitality GP consultations
  • Up to £100 for private prescriptions and diagnostic tests referred by a Vitality GP
  • NHS Hospital Cash Benefit of £250 each night up to £2,000 per plan year and £125 each day up to £500 per plan year
  • Up to eight face-to-face CBT or counselling sessions
  • Childbirth/adoption cash benefit of £100 per child
  • Oral surgery
  • Pregnancy complications cover
  • Private ambulance cover
  • Accommodation for one parent when their insured child under 14 receives in-patient treatment
  • Up to 21 days of rehabilitation treatment following a stroke or serious brain injury
  • Weight loss surgery (with member contribution of 25%)
  • Corrective surgeries (with member contribution of 25%)
Vitality's small or medium business health insurance is for businesses with two to 249 people.
You can call us direct on the number above, or you can request a business health call back. Either way, our team will be happy to help. 
The cost of health insurance for small or medium businesses depends on a range of factors. One of these is the amount of employees you are looking to insure. We offer a discount if no one in your team has had in-patient or out-patient medical treatment in the past two years. When you speak to our team, they'll ask you questions to make sure they offer you the best price for your budget.