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Corporate Healthcare

The integrated answer to your business health and wellness needs

Better health, better care

Looking for the highest levels of employee health cover, as well as a workplace wellness strategy that can help cut presenteeism and boost productivity? Our Corporate Healthcare is a highly cost-effective way to integrate both into a single, easy-to-manage plan.

Better business

Don’t just take our word for it – employee engagement with the Vitality Programme has been proven to lower private medical insurance costs. Through proactive health interventions, employee health risks and claims are reduced (Vitality People Study 2018):

  • Better health - Engaged employees had 28% fewer sickness episodes than unengaged employees.
  • Faster recovery - Engaged employees had 45% less sickness absenteeism than unengaged employees.
  • Greater performance - 38% of engaged employees performed better. They were more efficient, used time more effectively and achieved a higher volume of work.
  • Higher engagement and satisfaction - 35% of engaged employees were 150% more likely to be happier at work.

Why choose Vitality Corporate Healthcare

  • Integrated Primary Care

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    Fast access to private GPs, consultant referrals and therapy via the Vitality GP app.

  • Full Cover Promise

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    For all eligible hospital care and surgical treatments, either as an in-patient or day-patient.

  • Market-leading cover options

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    Add extra options to suit your needs, including Advanced Cancer Cover and Mental Health Cover.

  • Vitality Programme rewards

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    Available if Vitality Plus is selected, employees can get rewarded for engaging with their health.

Reward employees for healthy habits

The Vitality Programme incentivises employees to:

  • Understand their health – via a Vitality Healthcheck or partner health screen
  • Get healthy – with discounts on monthly gym memberships, activity trackers, healthy food and more
  • Be rewarded – if you choose the Vitality Plus option, they can be rewarded with further partner discounts when they link an activity tracker to the Vitality Member app, track their activity and stay active.

You can even choose to link the excess your employees pay on a claim to their Vitality status – those that make the most effort to improve their health might not have to pay an excess at all.

Our healthcare approach

Our integrated primary healthcare solution gives your employees fast, easy access to all the experts:

  • Vitality GP app – Private video-based consultations, plus up to £100 for private prescriptions and minor diagnostic tests, and referrals to specialists when necessary
  • Face-to-face GP – two private consultations from Vitality’s network of Private GPs in Greater London for only £20 per consultation
  • Hospital care or surgical treatment – either Full Cover or limited cover options, up to £250,000 in £1,000 increments.

    Mental health – access to:
  • Togetherall, an online mental health support service
  • Up to eight sessions of talking therapy, such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), either face-to-face or via video consultation
  • My Online Therapy 
  • Nuffield Health 
  • Mindfulness meditation apps. 

Optional plan extras

We offer an extensive range of extras to add to your Corporate Healthcare plan. Two popular choices give employees access to:

  • Advanced Cancer Cover which comes with full cover for biological therapies, plus group-based cancer recovery retreats for female cancer patients at Champneys in Tring
  • Mental Health Cover which gives employees access to in-patient and day-patient care at a specialist mental health facility and out-patient consultations with a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

Underwriting options

You can choose from four kinds of underwriting: Medical History Disregarded, Full Medical Underwriting, Moratorium or Continued Personal Medical Exclusions.

Choose the right option for your business, depending on whether you’ve already got a corporate healthcare plan or how much health information you’re happy for us to get from your employees.

Full Cover Promise

We promise you're covered

Unlike some other insurers who only offer cover at an additional cost, we pay for consultants’ and anaesthetists’ fees for in-patient and day-patient treatment in full without charging an additional premium, with our Full Cover Promise.

This means your employees won’t be faced with a shortfall – provided their treatment is eligible, and their consultant, anaesthetist, surgeon or physician is registered with an accredited body and recognised by us.

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