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About us

We’re changing health and life insurance for good. Good for you, good for us and good for society.

Who we are

We’re the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living. We’re owned by Discovery Holdings, a leading global insurer with over 4.4 million clients.

With a value equivalent to a FTSE 100 company, Discovery joined the UK market in 2007 in a joint venture with PruHealth and PruProtect. In 2014, it bought 100% of the shares and became VitalityHealth and VitalityLife. In 2018, we entered the investments market with the launch of VitalityInvest.

What we do

We aim to be the best at what we do, offering comprehensive and award-winning Health and Life cover and positively different investments to our members.

VitalityHealth plans provide start-to-finish private care with private GP video consultations within 48 hours; a choice of consultants and a Full Cover Promise.

VitalityLife offers you a range of different options which you can pick from so you get the right amount and type of protection for your needs. Our Life Insurance comes in two forms: Term Life Insurance or Whole of Life Insurance, and our Serious Illness Cover protects you for nearly four times as many conditions as other providers.

VitalityInvest offers savings and retirement plans that motivate you to save earlier and stay healthy – and reward you for it, with boosts to your savings.

Why we do it

We believe in the idea of ‘shared value’. It’s a unique approach to insurance, based on the scientifically proven principles of behavioural economics. We help you take a more active role in managing your own wellness, which can encourage you to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for you, good for us and good for society.

What’s in it for you?

As well as improving and maintaining your long-term health, you can also keep your premiums low, by improving your Vitality status to increase your no-claims discount. Plus you can get regular treats – like a weekly Starbucks coffee – and longer term rewards, such as up to 40% off British Airways European flights. Find out about all our partners.

What we believe in

  • Great

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    We think our people are the most important part of our organisation, so we make sure they feel special from the day they join to the day they leave.  Our drive to succeed creates a fast paced, performance led environment where people are rewarded for their contribution and achievements.

  • Liberating the best in our people

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    We value each person’s unique talents and skills and we look for people who have the ability to think differently and bring our ideas to life. We know that people flourish and do their best when they have the freedom to play with their creativity and believe that anything is possible. 

  • Intellectual

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    We’ve always known that if we want to stand out we have to be that company that does things differently. Our approach to health is grounded in science and we know that to be leaders in our field we need to continuously gain knowledge.

  • Innovation and

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    We’re well known for our innovative products and this is rooted in a culture of creativity and exploration. We believe that it’s better to try and fail than to not to try at all and always wonder what might have happened if we’d only been braver.

  • Business astuteness and prudence

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    We do things differently but we also know that we need to balance this with the needs of the business and of our customers. We understand the risks and we make sound decisions based on this knowledge but we don’t get tied up in red tape.

  • Dazzle

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    We believe that every interaction we have with a customer is an opportunity to create a lifelong fan of our company. We don’t settle for satisfied customers, we want customers who are bowled over by the service and products they get from us. 

  • Drive, tenacity
    and urgency

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    We never stand still, we’re always looking forward at how we can take our business and ourselves to the next level. Our people have a belief that anything is possible and we strive to achieve the very best, anything less simply isn’t an option.

  • Integrity, honesty
    and fairness

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    Every decision we make is underpinned by these values so that we can always ensure that we do the right thing for our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers and our business. For us, integrity, honesty and fairness come before anything else, including financial gain.

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VitalityInvest offers a unique way to help you grow your money tax-free. Open a Vitality Stocks and Shares ISA, or transfer an existing Cash or Stocks and Shares ISA to us online. With investments, your capital is at risk. Tax allowances may change in the future.

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