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About us

Life's better with Vitality

Who we are

At Vitality, everything we do is driven by our core purpose: to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. We focus on encouraging healthy living and rewarding people for doing so – a key element of our Shared Value model. 

Through our market-leading health, life, car insurance and investments, and the Vitality Programme, we empower our members to take control of their wellness and develop long-term healthy habits – that is good for them, good for us and good for society. 

We believe in this so much so that Vitality, with our parent group Discovery, has established a bold pledge – to get 100 million people 20% more active by 2025. This pledge also forms part of our sustainability commitment, in which we're aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, and reach Net Zero by 2050 or earlier.

What we do

We aim to be the best at everything we do, offering comprehensive and award-winning Health and Life cover and positively different investments to our members.

VitalityHealth plans provide start-to-finish private care with Vitality GP video consultations; fast access to consultants and treatment, as well as a Full Cover Promise.

VitalityLife has a complete range of protection products. Our life insurance comes in two forms: Term Life Insurance or Whole of Life Cover and our Serious Illness Cover protects you for nearly four times as many conditions as other providers.

VitalityInvest offers savings and retirement plans that motivate you to save earlier and for longer, with rewards for positive lifestyle habits, that can help you enjoy a longer, healthier, more financially secure life.

Shared value

Our Shared Value Model is based on the concept of interventions we can make as an insurer that will inspire behavioural change among our members – for the better. It’s an incentive-based model, in which we reward our members through a range of partners and benefits, when they take steps to be healthy. As market disruptors, we continue to transform the world of insurance through Shared Value. We know that society is increasingly demanding that companies have a strong social purpose, and by focusing on creating a healthier society, we are truly at the forefront of this. It’s good for our members, good for us and good for society. 

Partners and Rewards

One of the ways we encourage our members to live a healthier lifestyle is through our range of partners and rewards. 

Members can access a range of benefits as part of their plan, such as discounts on sports shoes at Runners Need, spa packages at Champneys, hotels through Mr & Mrs Smith, gym memberships at Virgin Active, David Lloyd or Nuffield Health, health checks at Bluecrest, as well as the ability to earn rewards.

When members get active, they can earn regular treats.Find out more about our rewards.

What we believe in

  • Great people

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    We attract great people from diverse backgrounds, with distinctive personal experiences and outlooks. We find the best person for every role, maintaining our exceptional standards with every hire.  

  • Liberating the best in our people

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    We believe there is greatness in every person, and intervene to bring this out of them. We insist on an inclusive environment, enabling everyone to be themselves. 

  • Intellectual leadership

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    We’re thought leaders in the markets we operate in. We actively engage in policy debate based on science and facts, inspired by our core purpose. We're committed to continuous learning and self-development. 

  • A force for good

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    Our goal is to be an exceptional employer, excellent partner and a good corporate citizen. We are also committed to nation building and protecting our planet. 

  • Customer, customer, customer

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    We are all about our customers and their experiences with us. We empathise as though their problems are our own and recognise the impact of our actions on the people we serve. Every interaction matters, and we articulate this care through intuitive customer journeys. Anecdotes matter. We use every customer touchpoint to nurture lifelong relationships. 

  • Innovation and optimism

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    We are a profound disruptor. We enter markets where we believe that through our core purpose and shared-value model, we can effect change for good. We do so through products that are brilliant - they deal with complex issues yet, should be simple to understand. 

  • Drive, tenacity and urgency

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    We think like founders. We despise unnecessary bureaucracy and irrespective of our scale – we seek insurgency. We execute brilliantly, and at rapid pace, marrying our ambitions with short-term, urgent goals.

  • Business astuteness and prudence

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    We think like owners. We pursue the business case and invest only if there is a clear benefit for the organisation, our customers and society. We embrace necessary governance in substance and form. We pursue exceptional risk management, financial excellence and financial strength. We face challenges constructively and head-on.

  • Integrity, honesty and fairness

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    We ensure we contrast the complexity of the organisation with simple, old-fashioned values of doing the right thing. We are truthful in our interactions and transparent in all our dealings. We ensure that every single rule and policy meets the highest ethical standards. We treat everyone fairly, recognising the inherent worth of every human being. 

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