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Vitality Programme support

If you’re thinking about joining Vitality or just starting out, find out all you need to know about how the Vitality Programme works 

At Vitality, if you get active each week and look after yourself, we reward you with regular treats and discounts from our partners. 

We’ve created a range of guides to help you with the Vitality Programme journey, which cover: 

  • Getting started
  • Understanding and earning Vitality points
  • Connecting an activity tracker to earn Vitality points
  • Using Vitality points with our partners and rewards.

  1. Popular
  2. Active Rewards
  3. Activity tracking
  4. Move more
  5. Health checks
  6. Eat better
  7. Travel
  8. Stress less
  • How do Vitality points work?

    Find out how many Vitality points you can earn for each activity, such as a Vitality Healthcheck or going to the gym
  • Guide to Member Zone

    Find out how to register for the Member Zone and Vitality Member app and start earning points
  • How do I get to Silver and Gold status?

    Follow this guide to quickly move from Bronze status up to Gold
  • How Vitality works

    Learn about how the Vitality Programme works and how to get the most out of your benefits
  • How to earn points by exercising

    If you walk, run, cycle, or swim, find out how many points you could earn for each activity
  • What are active goals?

    Learn about active goals and how to activate them to help you get healthier
  • How to confirm an activity

    Recently visited the dentist or had a health screening? Find out how to get Vitality points for it
  • Caffè Nero

    Support guides and FAQs for the Caffè Nero Coffee at Home reward.
  • Rakuten

    Support guides and FAQs for the Rakuten TV reward.
  • Peloton

    Support guides and FAQs for the Peloton reward.
  • Jennis

    Support guides and FAQs for the Jennis reward.
  • Apple Watch®

    Get active. Get Apple Watch. Available with qualifying health and life insurance plans. Terms apply.
  • Google Fit

    Find out how to start recording activities using Google Fit to earn Vitality rewards by following our support guides
  • Garmin

    Follow our connecting Garmin to Vitality guide and visit Garmin’s Learning Centre
  • Fitbit

    Find out how to connect your Fitbit to Vitality and read our Fitbit FAQs
  • Cinema

    Find out how to earn and claim your cinema reward or take a look at our frequently asked questions
  • Amazon Prime

    Follow our guides about applying for Prime membership and making payments
  • Headspace

    Find out how to connect your Headspace app to Vitality and start earning points for meditating.
  • Vitality Healthcheck

    Earn up to 780 Vitality points for taking a Vitality Healthcheck. Terms apply.
  • Healthy living and eating

    You can earn regular points for eating healthily and losing weight with Vitality partners
  • Waitrose & Partners

    Read our FAQs or find an answer through Waitrose & Partners online customer service.
  • Vitality American Express® Credit Card

    Find out how to earn and track cashback
  • Expedia

    Support guides and FAQs for the Expedia reward
  • Polar

    Browse our Polar FAQs and follow our troubleshooting guide to find answers to your questions
  • Withings

    Learn how to connect Withings to Vitality and explore our frequently asked questions
  • We're here to help

    Get in touch with us if you have a question about the Vitality Programme that isn’t covered in our support pages
  • Samsung support

    Get support and read our FAQs for your Samsung smartwatch