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Healthy living and eating

 Find out about our healthy living and eating partners and how you can earn Vitality points with them

To help you reach the next Vitality status quickly, you can earn points for eating healthily and losing weight with our partners. 

These can be earned on top of the 40 activity points per week but don’t count towards your Active Rewards if your plan is eligible. 

Visit our partner pages to find out if your plan is eligible and more information. 

Earn points with Weight Watchers

  • WeightWatchers

    You could earn 15 Vitality points for going to a Workshop; 50 Vitality points for losing 5% and 10% of your start weight, and 100 Vitality points for reaching your WeightWatchers goal weight

Keep learning about Vitality

  • Vitality Healthcheck

    You could earn up to 780 Vitality points for taking a Vitality Healthcheck

  • How to confirm an activity

    Recently visited the dentist or had a health assessment? Find out how to get Vitality points for it

  • Headspace

    Find out how to connect Headspace to Vitality and start earning points for meditating

  • How to earn points by exercising

    If you walk, run, cycle, or swim, find out how many points you could earn for each activity