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Online GP appointments for eligible Vitality health insurance members.

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When you need healthcare, you want it to be accessible and convenient. That's why we created the Vitality GP app. To make it quicker and easier for you to speak to a doctor about your physical or mental health.

If you have an eligible health insurance plan, you’ll get direct access to our network of private GPs. You can:
  • Book a video GP consultation
  • View your video GP consultation history
  • Access trusted physical or mental health information
  • View your health insurance plan information
  • Plus, also access a 24/7 telephone GP advice line.
Vitality GP is not yet available in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. We are working to expand the coverage to these areas. If you live in one of these areas and join Vitality, you will be able to use an alternative video GP service.
If you’re already a member and need help with the Vitality GP app, check out our Vitality GP Support Guides.

Online doctor services in the Vitality GP app

  • Book an online GP consultation

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    Non-emergency advice(1), referrals and private prescriptions(2), when you’re in the UK.

  • Call our 24/7 GP advice line

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    Non-emergency advice when you’re in the UK or abroad(3).

  • Book a consultant referral

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    Onward treatment after a Vitality GP or NHS GP appointment.

  • Refer yourself via our Care Hub

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    Self-referrals, including physiotherapy(4) or mental health support.

How to book a GP appointment online

If you’re interested in booking a GP appointment online with us, become a private health insurance or business health insurance member today.

Greater London members

Face-to-face private GP consultations

If you prefer to see a GP in person, you can also book face-to-face appointments5 through the Vitality GP app.

It only costs £20 per consultation, as we cover the rest.

You can book at least two face-to-face private GP consultations in any plan year. Unlimited face-to-face GP consultations are available with London Care as your Hospital List.

Online doctor FAQs

You log into the Vitality GP app a few minutes before your booked appointment. You then tap ‘Join consultation’ to launch the video link and wait for the GP to join the video call.

A video consultation is like a face-to-face consultation, except the consultation is remote.
Yes, you can use the Vitality GP app if you have a private health insurance plan with Vitality.

Business health insurance and corporate health insurance members can also use the app.

Video GP appointments are available Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, and Saturday 8am - 4pm.
Yes, you can refer yourself for physiotherapy if you have chosen Out-Patient Cover in your health insurance plan.
Yes, you can refer yourself for up to eight talking therapy sessions which you can choose to have face-to-face or via video consultation. You also have 24/7 access to Togetherall, an anonymous, clinically managed community providing peer-to-peer support.

If you add Mental Health Cover to your plan, you will also have access to extra mental health support.
No, a Vitality GP appointment does not count as a claim, and would not affect your renewal premium.

If a Vitality GP refers you for treatment, this would count as a claim and may affect your renewal premium.
You can use the Vitality GP app to get a private prescription for a short course of treatment. For example, antibiotics for a bacterial infection or medication to reduce nausea.

To get a private prescription, book a video GP appointment through the app. The doctor would then assess your symptoms and prescribe you medication as necessary. At this point, the GP will also tell you if your plan covers the prescription or not.

If your health insurance plan covers your private prescription, you will not need to pay for it. You could pick up your prescription from a LloydsPharmacy at no cost. Or, you could pick up your prescription from a pharmacy of your choice, pay for it and claim the cost back.
Yes. Vitality GPs are all registered with the General Medical Council.

They have two years’ experience practising medicine in the UK. 

More detail on our online doctor services

1. Vitality GPs won’t be able to help you with:
  • Hands-on examinations and treatment
  • Emergency treatment, e.g. chest pains, suspected stroke or bone fractures
  • Routine or repeat prescriptions, including medication to treat cholesterol and diabetes.

There are also some cases where a Vitality GP won’t be able to make a referral and you’ll need to speak to your own GP or call us. These include alternative therapies, lifestyle surgeries, oral surgery or anything related to pregnancy. The Vitality GP will always let you know if they can’t help and tell you what they consider to be the best course of action.

You’ll also need to contact us if you need to arrange:

  • Home nursing
  • A private ambulance
  • Parental accommodation
  • or, to claim the NHS hospital cash benefit.

2. You have up to £100 to spend on minor diagnostic tests and private prescriptions per plan year. Minor diagnostic tests could include x-rays, ultrasounds and a full blood count. Private prescriptions are for short courses of treatment only.

3. You can only use the Vitality GP app for consultations when you’re in the UK. If you’re abroad and need to speak to a GP, you can call our 24-hour GP advice line.

4. You can refer yourself for physiotherapy when you add Out Patient Cover to your health insurance plan.

5. You pay for a face-to-face GP consultation through Member Zone. If you need onward treatment, you may need to pay for it and claim it back in Member Zone. We may also ask to authorise some treatment if you need to make a claim on your health insurance plan.

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