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Health insurance core cover

Video GP appointments

Speak to a GP on your phone within 48 hours

When you buy health insurance with us, you can use the Vitality GP app. Here you can:

✓ Book a video GP appointment
✓ Get 24/7 GP advice
✓ Get a fast referral to a specialist if you need it
✓ Get digital prescriptions sent to your pharmacy for pick-up
✓ Refer yourself for physiotherapy1 and mental health support.

A Vitality GP appointment doesn’t count as a claim so you don’t need to pay an excess.

Want to book a video GP appointment?

If you’re new to Vitality, buy health insurance with us. You can get a quote here

Are you already a member? Go to the Vitality GP booking guide

If you prefer to see a GP in person

If you’re in the greater London area, you can also book face-to-face appointments2 in the Vitality GP app. It costs you just £20 per appointment – we’ll cover the rest.

You can book two face-to-face private GP appointments each plan year. If you’d like unlimited appointments, you can add the London Care Hospital List to your plan for an extra fee.

If you need some GP advice for a specific health condition, we can help. Log into Member Zone to find out more about our private GP services.

More details on our video GP service

You can refer yourself for physiotherapy when you add Out-Patient Cover to your health insurance plan.
You pay for face-to-face GP appointments through Member Zone. If you need treatment, you may need to pay for it and claim it back.

Vitality GPs won’t be able to help you with:

  • Hands-on examinations and treatment
  • Emergency treatment, for example chest pains, suspected stroke or bone fractures
  • Routine or repeat prescriptions, including medication to treat cholesterol and diabetes.

You have up to £100 to spend on minor diagnostic tests and private prescriptions per plan year. We cover the cost in full - you don’t need to pay an excess.

Minor diagnostic tests are things like x-rays and blood tests.

Private prescriptions are for short courses of treatment only.

Vitality GPs can't refer you for:

  • Alternative therapies, for example acupuncture
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Surgery on your teeth, gums or jaw
  • Anything related to pregnancy.

In cases like these you’ll need to speak to your own GP or give us a call. But your Vitality GP will let you know if they can’t help and let you know what to do next.

You can use the Vitality GP app for appointments when you’re in the UK. If you’re abroad, you can call our 24-hour GP advice line.

Vitality GP isn’t available yet in the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. We’re working to expand the coverage to these areas. If you live in one of these areas and join Vitality, you'll be able to use a different video GP service.