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Vitality rewards you for getting active and driving well

✓ Join Vitality on a qualifying insurance or investment plan
✓ Get active to earn Healthy Living rewards
✓ Drive well to earn Good Driving rewards

Get rewarded for better living today, so you can live a better life tomorrow

We all get into bad habits from time-to-time, so getting rewarded for better choices can help us to stay on track.

If you buy one of our health insurance, life insurance, car insurance or investment plans, we’ll reward you for living a healthy life and driving well. Because sharing the benefits of better living is good for you, good for us and good for society.

How you can get rewarded with the Vitality Programme

When you link a device to Vitality, you can track your physical activity or driving behaviour to earn Vitality points.

When you earn Vitality points you build a Vitality status. The more points you earn, the higher your status, and the bigger the rewards. Start on Bronze status and work your way up to Platinum status for the best rewards on offer.

If you buy a car insurance plan, you build a Good Driving status. For all other plans, you build a Healthy Living status.

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The Vitality Programme

Get rewarded for better living today, so you can live a better life

  • Healthy Living Programme

    Understand your health. Get healthier. Get rewarded. Available with health insurance, life insurance and investment plans.

  • Good Driving Programme

    Understand your driving. Drive well. Get rewarded.Available with car insurance.

  • How can you benefit?

    Check out our simple and effective Savings Tool to find out how you can benefit from joining Vitality.

Tips for making better lifestyle choices

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