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Vitality American Express® Credit Card

Cashback on your Credit Card spend

Buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan and get up to 2% cashback on your Credit Card spend when you get active. Boost your cashback when you have two qualifying plans to become Vitality Pink. Only available on the Vitality American Express® Credit Card.

Representative Example
Representative 31.0% APR variable. Based on no annual Card fee, assumed credit limit of £1,200 and a purchase rate of 31.0% variable. Subject to approval. The Card interest rate is variable and will change in line with any Bank of England base rate changes. Qualifying plans1, American Express terms and conditionsand Vitality terms and conditions3 apply.

Want to pay at your own pace? You can spread the cost of your purchases into equal monthly payments with Plan It™ Instalment Plans. Available on American Express® Credit Cards.

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Sharing the benefits of healthy living, with boosted cashback on the Card

The Vitality American Express Credit Card is different from other cashback credit cards. It boosts cashback on your Card spend when you get active. The more active you are, the more cashback you can earn.

Card cashback at a glance:

• Earn up to 1% American Express cashback2 on your Card spend
• Earn up to 1% as a Vitality healthy cashback booster4 on your Card spend, when you get active with Vitality.

You can apply for the Card when you become a Vitality member with a qualifying plan and you are 18 years or over.
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Earn rewards

Find out how much cashback you could earn

Across the nation, people are boosting their cashback savings by getting active.

We've teamed up with American Express® to create an interactive map to show you how the nation likes to exercise [1]. You'll also be able to see how much cashback you could earn with your own card, when you get active.

View the mapCalculate your cashback
[1]  Based on the Omnibus research conducted by Opinium. 2,000 UK adults were surveyed between 4 November and 8 November 2022.
Illustrated map of the UK

New Cardmembers

Spend on the Card to get £100 cashback 

If you spend £2,000 in your first three months of Cardmembership, we’ll give you £100 cashback.

We'll pay it onto your Card in the month after your Card anniversary.

New Cardmember terms and conditions5 apply.

Vitality Pink

The more you have with us, the better it gets

When you buy qualifying health and life insurance plans, we boost your rewards. We call this Vitality Pink. One of the rewards we boost is the Vitality American Express Credit Card.

If you become Vitality Pink, we’ll boost your Vitality healthy cashback booster to up to 2%. So you could earn up to 3% cashback on the Card when you get active.

How does the Vitality American Express Credit Card reward work?

  • Step 1


    Buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan, or both.

  • Step 2 


    Register for Member Zone and complete a Health Review. Then link your device to the Vitality Member app to earn Vitality activity points.

  • Step 3


    Apply for the Card in Member Zone. Then spend on the Card and get active to earn boosted cashback on the Card.

What Vitality healthy cashback booster could I earn?

Vitality members with one qualifying plan
Get up to 1% cashback if you get active and achieve:

• 0-39 monthly activity points: 0%
• 40-79 monthly activity points: 0.25%
• 80-119 monthly activity points: 0.5%
• 120-159 monthly activity points: 0.75%
• 160+ monthly activity points: 1%

Vitality Pink members with two qualifying plans
Get up to 2% cashback if you get active and achieve:

• 0-39 monthly activity points: 0%
• 40-79 monthly activity points: 0.5%
• 80-119 monthly activity points: 1%
• 120-159 monthly activity points: 1.5%
• 160+ monthly activity points: 2%

You can read more on the Vitality healthy cashback booster4 in ‘Further information’.

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Further information on the Card

 You’ll qualify for this reward if you are an adult member and you have one of the following Vitality plans:

Health insurance
Any private health insurance plan.

Business health insurance
Any small business health insurance plan.

Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality, with Vitality Plus benefits.

Life insurance
Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus benefits. In addition, the total premiums of all life plans on which you are a member must be at least £45 per month, excluding any fee paid for Vitality Plus.

You will earn American Express cashback for purchases on your Credit Card Account. The value of each purchase will be rounded up or down to the nearest full penny before cashback is calculated. Subject to the other Terms and Conditions set out below and any promotional offer we make, within your Cardmembership year you will earn American Express cashback at the rate of: 0.5% for the first £10,000 of purchases on your Credit Card Account in the proceeding 12 months; and 1% on purchases on your Credit Card Account over £10,000 in the proceeding 12 months. You must have made purchases on your Credit Card Account of at least £3,000 within the Credit Cardmembership year applicable to your Credit Card Account to be eligible to receive the American Express cashback. Cashback will be paid by crediting your Account during each Credit Card anniversary month on the expenditure that has taken place during the preceding 12 months. Cashback is not earned on Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, American Express Travellers Cheques, Foreign Exchange transactions, interest, any spending in excess of your credit limit, charges for returned payments, late payment or referral charges and American Express Credit Card finance charges.

American Express terms and conditions also apply. 
Please read the Vitality terms and conditions below before you buy a Vitality product.

Definitions and legal information
American Express” means American Express Services Europe Limited, registered office at Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9AX, United Kingdom. It is registered in England and Wales with Company Number 1833139 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Card” means the Vitality American Express Credit Card.

Healthy cashback booster” means the Vitality healthy cashback booster.

"Vitality", "we" or "our" means Vitality Corporate Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (registered office: 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AQ) under company no. 05933141 and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference no: 461107). VitalityHealth and VitalityLife are trading names of Vitality Corporate Services Limited. Vitality is the provider of the Active Reward benefit for Vitality members and for the purposes of this offer, Vitality is acting as credit broker only and not a lender.

Financial status
You’ll qualify for the Vitality American Express Credit Card if you are 18 years or over and you pass a credit check. Final eligibility is also subject to financial circumstances and status.

You must have a permanent UK home address, a current UK bank or building society account, and no history of bad debt.

Cards per household
Each household can take out one Vitality American Express Credit Card. If there are many insured members in the household, any qualifying adult member can take out the Card.

If two adults each have an individual Plan, but also have a joint Plan, they can each take out a Card in their own right.

Healthy cashback booster
You need to complete a Health Review in Member Zone before applying for a Card.

The level of healthy cashback booster you earn will depend on:
• how many qualifying plans you have, and
• the activity points you earn from getting active.

You need to earn between 40 and 160 points each month to get rewarded with a healthy cashback booster.

We’ll set your healthy cashback booster rate based on the activity points you earned two months prior.

From time to time we may change the way we award points for tracking physical activity. But, you’ll always be able to claim a healthy cashback booster by getting active.

You Plan(s) must be active and your premiums up to date for your healthy cashback booster to be paid.

Card impacts if you cancel or lapse your Plan(s)
If you cancel or lapse your plan, your Card will continue with the Lender under the terms of that agreement.

From that point, you will only be able to earn American Express cashback on purchases. You will also lose any healthy cashback booster earned in the current Card year that has been earned, but not yet been applied, to your Card Account as an annual credit.

If you cancel or lapse one qualifying Plan, you will lose your Vitality Pink boosted rates. Your healthy cashback rate will revert to those applicable for one qualifying plan.
We calculate your healthy cashback booster based on:
• how many qualifying plans you have; and
• how many activity points you earn each month, using a Vitality-compatible device.

Each month’s healthy cashback booster rate is based on the activity points earned two months prior. So you won’t earn a healthy cashback booster until the start of the third calendar month after you activate the benefit with Vitality.

You can earn a healthy cashback booster on the first £1,000 of purchases each month. You’ll earn no cashback booster on purchases under £4, when your rate is 0.25%.
To qualify for this offer, you will need to have:

• Been approved for a Card, and
• Spent at least £2,000 on the Card within the first three months of your Cardmembership. Cardmembership starts from Card approval.

American Express will then pay cashback on your Card anniversary. This is the month after your previous 12 months' purchases.
How many Vitality American Express Credit Cards can I have?
You can only have one Vitality American Express Credit Card.

What if I already have an American Express Credit Card?
If you already have another American Express Credit Card, you can still apply for a Vitality American Express Credit Card.

Can I add Supplementary Cards for other members of my family?
Yes, you can apply for a Supplementary Card at any time. Find out more about Supplementary Cards.

What American Express cashback rate can I get on purchases?
Spend on your Card to get the following American Express cashback within your Cardmembership year:

• Spend £0 to £10,000 and get 0.5% on purchases in the proceeding 12 months
• Spend over £10,000 and get 1% cashback on purchases in the proceeding 12 months.
 The more purchases you make on your Card, the more cashback you can earn. As long as you spend at least £3,000 within the Card membership year, you’ll be eligible to receive your cashback.

The Card also gives you all the benefits, reassurance and flexibility that come with one of the world’s leading card providers:

American Express Travel Accident Insurance – up to £150,000 on public transport when you buy a ticket with your Card
Global Assist – providing 24/7 help when you travel outside the UK
Purchase and Refund Protection – covering eligible items bought using your Card
Fraud Guarantee – if you don’t recognise a purchase, American Express will remove it from your account immediately and investigate it for you
Complimentary Supplementary Cards earn cashback faster – Share the benefits of your Vitality American Express® Credit Card with those closest to you and earn cashback for their purchases
American Express® Offers – from their range of retail and travel partners
American Express® Experiences – enjoy access to purchase tickets to some of the most in-demand music, film and theatre events in town.

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Get active. Get rewarded.

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