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Our Cineworld and Vue Active Reward is being updated in early 2019 following the introduction of our new Active Reward, Amazon Prime. Existing Vitality members will receive more information on the changes by email or by letter.

Unwind with Cineworld and Vue cinema tickets

Get active and get a ticket every week.

Going to the movies is a great way to cut down on unhealthy stress levels. That’s why we partner with Cineworld and Vue, two of the UK’s leading cinema chains.

Included on all Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plans. Available on Life plans with Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser for an additional monthly fee and VitalityInvest Retirement Plans in drawdown with Vitality Plus for an additional monthly fee.**

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How to earn cinema tickets

Once you've joined Vitality, here's how to earn your Active Reward:

  • Track your activity and earn 12 Vitality points per week.
  • Then log in to Member Zone or the Vitality Member app the following week to generate your cinema voucher code.
  • Enter your voucher code on the eligible cinema's website when booking your tickets.
  • Collect your tickets at the cinema – and enjoy the film.

If you’re aged 70 years or older, or your BMI (body mass index) is 35 or over as verified when you take a Vitality Healthcheck, you'll need to earn just nine Vitality activity points each week to receive this reward.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

Can anyone on my plan use the cinema ticket benefit?

Each member of your plan aged 18 or over can request codes for cinema tickets on the Member Zone or the Vitality Member app, as long as they have completed their Health Review and have earned 12 Vitality activity points in the previous week. Code/s will be sent by text message or email to the member who requested them. Cinema ticket codes can only be used by members of your plan.

Do the cinema ticket codes have an expiry date?

Yes, once you have your code/s you'll need to use it to book your cinema ticket/s by the end of the week. A week runs from Monday to midnight on Sunday. We’ll show the expiry date with your code/s and also send it in the text message or email.

How do I earn Vitality activity points?

There are lots of ways you can earn Vitality activity points, like using an activity tracking device, working out at a Virgin Active or Nuffield Health gym, or taking part in a parkrun.

Why do some members only need to earn nine Vitality activity points a week for this reward?

We want to encourage all of our members to engage in healthy habits, but understand that this can be difficult for some. We believe that setting a lower threshold for those with a high BMI or those aged 70 or over, will make it easier for them to engage and improve their health. If a member reduces their BMI to below 35, the weekly Vitality activity points target will increase to 12.

Important information

* Based on one adult 2D cinema ticket per week on a weekday evening at Vue Westfield Shepherds Bush at £14.99 per ticket.

** Cineworld and Vue are included on all Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plans. If you have a Life plan, you’ll need to add Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser for an additional monthly fee of £3.80 plus have a minimum monthly premium of £30 for single policies and £40 for joint policies. You can add Vitality Plus to your VitalityInvest Retirement Plan in drawdown for an additional fee of £3.80 per month.  Vitality Plus is not available on other VitalityInvest plans.

Corporate Healthcare plans and trust schemes administered by VitalityHealth need to include Vitality Plus to be eligible for this reward.

If you have more than one adult on your plan, you each need to earn 12 Vitality activity points per week to unlock a cinema ticket for every member on your plan. Maximum of one ticket per week for each person on your plan at either a Cineworld or Vue cinema.

Cineworld: Codes are not valid for viewings at Cineworld Leicester Square or for alternative content and special showings. Upgrades for 3D and 4DX films, IMAX, Superscreen, D-Box formats and Cheltenham Screening Rooms are available for an additional cost. Upgrades can be booked online or at the cinema. 3D glasses will also incur an additional cost.

Vue: Codes are not valid for Premieres, Event Cinema, alternative content and special screenings. Codes are valid for Mini Morning screenings. Upgrades for all screenings at Vue Leicester Square, 3D, Xtreme, IMAX and VIP and Recliner seats are available for an additional cost. Upgrades can be booked online or at the cinema. 3D glasses will also incur an additional cost.

In absolutely no circumstances can voucher codes be sold or gifted to third parties by a member.

Details correct as at June 2018. Terms and conditions apply at

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