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Core cover

✓ Online GP appointments
✓ Access to high-quality private healthcare
✓ Rewards for healthy living.

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How our core cover can help

If you or your family get sick or injured, core cover gives you fast access to private healthcare to get you better. 

But, we know prevention is better than a cure. So we'll provide you with the tools to get healthier, support to keep you going, and rewards for getting active.

Core cover starts from £1.25 a day. You can then tailor your plan by including cover options.

What's included in core cover?

When you or your family are unwell:
✔ Online GP appointments with Vitality GP
✔ Access to Care Hub – connects you to a healthcare professional near you
✔ Private hospital fees
✔ Procedures where you don't need to be admitted to hospital (out-patient surgery) 
✔ Cancer treatment with our Advanced Cancer Cover
✔ Discounts on self-care health tools.

Other benefits:

✔ Support for mental health and menopause
✔ NHS Cash Benefit – Choose to be treated at an NHS hospital rather than privately and we'll give you a cash benefit
✔ Discounts and rewards, including Apple Watch.

Helpful documents:
Health insurance plan summary
Health insurance plan terms and conditions

Like most health insurers, we don’t cover:
 Chronic conditions – These are long-term conditions which need ongoing treatment. For example, diabetes and asthma.
✕ Pre-existing conditions – If you already have a condition when you buy your plan, we don’t normally cover your treatment costs
 Treatment outside the UK – For emergency medical cover overseas, include worldwide travel insurance in your plan.
Boost your health insurance plan with these optional extras:
  • Out-patient Cover – This is the most popular. It pays for tests and treatment when you don't need to be admitted to hospital
  • Hospital list – Choose which hospitals you’d like to be treated at
  • Therapies Cover – Covers treatments like acupuncture and homeopathy
  • Mental Health Cover – Extra cover for mental health conditions
  • Optical, dental and hearing insurance – Claim back costs for looking after eyesight, teeth, and hearing
  • Worldwide travel insurance – Cover while you're abroad.

Care Hub: fast access to healthcare when you need it

If you or your insured family members fall ill, you can start a care request via our Care Hub - it's ready for you 24/7. Once you've registered for an online member account, you'll be able to access it through our app. If we approve your care request, you can arrange an appointment with a specialist. You'll be able to view your excess and manage your bills and payments too.

Private hospital fees

If you’re admitted to hospital and the treatment is covered by your plan, we’ll pay for:

✓ Diagnostic tests
✓ Nursing
✓ Any drugs you might need while in hospital
✓ Surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees
✓ Physicians’ fees and other consultant fees.
More on hospital treatment

Advanced Cancer Cover

If you’re diagnosed with any type of cancer, we’ll cover your treatment costs in full. There’s no limit to how many rounds of treatment we’ll cover. You’ll also be assigned a care consultant who will be with you each step of the way.
More on Advanced Cancer Cover

Mental health support

Our mental health is important for us to be able to lead healthy, happy lives. Core cover includes eight online or face-to-face Talking Therapy sessions each plan year. This includes counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
More on mental health support

Discounts and rewards

Save money on gym fees, activity trackers, sports shoes and more. Then, get active and you could earn rewards like a weekly coffee.
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Discounts on self-care health tools

  1. Support for your mental health
    Get a six-month self-care programme with My Online Therapy
    Then after that, get 50% off an annual subscription

  2. Support for asthma, COPD, diabetes or heart disease
    50% off my mhealth digital app

  3. Support for heart conditions
    20% off the KardiaMobile ECG device with a KardiaCare membership from AliveCor

  4. Support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    30% off the Zemedy app

  5. Support for diabetes, dementia, back pain, weight management and more
    50% off The Sound Doctor

  6. Discounts on home healthcare devices like thermometers, blood pressure and blood glucose monitors
    Up to 25% off Beurer health and wellbeing devices.
Felicity's story

"It was panic station"

At 35, Felicity found a lump in her breast and went to straight to her GP. She needed to see a specialist immediately so contacted Vitality and saw one within an hour. Here's the rest of the story and how core cover helped her through.
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