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Apple Watch Series 4 GPS Space Grey with Black Sport Band

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FAQs for Apple Watch

Do I need an Apple ID when I buy an Apple Watch?
You don’t need an Apple ID when you buy an Apple Watch, however you will need an Apple ID to activate and use both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
Do I need an iPhone to use Apple Health and Apple Watch?

Yes, you’ll need an iPhone 5S or later model running iOS 11 or above to use Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and for Apple Health to track your steps activity. Apple Watch Series 4 requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or above. You need an Apple Watch if you want to track your heart rate workouts activity.

If you’ve bought Apple Watch GPS + Cellular from elsewhere, you'll need an iPhone 6 or above running iOS 11 or above, a mobile phone contract with EE for your iPhone and a separate data plan for Apple Watch with EE, to be able to link it to the Vitality Member app and earn Vitality activity points.

How do I link the Vitality Member app to a brand new iPhone? How do I link my Apple Watch to Apple Health? Where can I view what activity is being tracked via my Apple Watch?

You can view your tracked activity within the Apple Health app.

Simply open the Apple Health app and tap ‘Health Data’ then ‘Activity’ to set up and view information that the Apple Health app tracks – it will automatically count your steps, walking, and running distances.

What activity is tracked in Apple Health, Apple Watch and the Vitality Member app?

Apple Health is the app on your iPhone that aggregates data from various health sources, such as a fitness tracker, exercise logger or food diary app. It aggregates steps data taken from your iPhone (if you are using the iPhone 5s or later) and steps plus heart rate workouts from Apple Watch – providing you’ve linked your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

The Vitality Member app takes your step and heart rate workout data from Apple Health and uses that data to reward Vitality activity points. If you’re tracking multiple activities a day (i.e. both steps and heart rate workouts), the Vitality Member app will only reward activity points for the ONE daily activity with the highest points earned. Opening and refreshing your Vitality Member app is the only way to send Apple Health data to Vitality to sync your activity.

Please note: for heart rate workouts to count towards Vitality activity points, you need to have exercised for at least 30 minutes and your average heart rate must be 60% of your heart rate maximum (HR Max) or higher for the entire workout. Your HR Max is the greatest number of times your heart should beat in one minute during maximum physical exertion. We use the most common estimate of HR Max, which is 220 minus your age.

For more information on heart rate workouts and HR Max calculations, check out our Guide to track steps and workouts on Apple Watch.

Where can I track my average heart rate for Workouts?

You can view your average heart rate within the Apple Watch Activity app.

Simply open ‘Activity’, tap ‘Workouts’, select a workout and view your average heart rate.

Will the Vitality Member app collect Apple Health data recorded on a Strava or Nike device?

No, the Vitality Member app will only take automatically collected data recorded by an Apple device – such as an iPhone 5s or Apple Watch – or another eligible device or app. It will not take data recorded from ineligible devices or apps e.g. Strava or Nike – even if you’ve linked them to Apple Health.

Current eligible devices or apps include: Apple Health, Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Misfit and Withings.