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Life insurance guides

New to life insurance and not sure where to begin? Find out everything you need to know in our range of guides.
Our guides are for information only. They do not describe Vitality products or services.

Different types of life cover explained

  • Term life insurance

    Term life insurance covers you for a specific amount of time. You choose the term, and if you pass away or become terminally ill during that term, your family receive a lump sum.

  • Whole of life insurance 

    Whole of life insurance covers you for your entire life. It guarantees a payout to your loved ones when you pass away or if you become terminally ill.

  • Mortgage protection

    Mortgage protection is a type of life insurance designed to pay off your mortgage if you pass away.

  • Income protection insurance

    Income protection insurance covers your monthly salary if you get sick and can't work.

  • Serious and critical illness cover

    Serious and critical illness cover pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious condition. The condition may not be life threatening, but it still impacts your life.

  • Over 50s life insurance

    In this guide we explain what over 50s life insurance is, how it works, how much it costs and whether it’s worth taking out cover.

  • Single or joint life insurance – which is better?

    There are different ways to set up a life insurance policy. In this guide we take a look at single vs joint life insurance and what to consider when choosing between the two.

Life insurance guides for different life stages

  • Life insurance for couples

    Joint life insurance is one policy for two people who are in a relationship. Learn how it works and if it’s suited to you and your partner in this guide.

  • Life insurance for parents

    Having a baby is a key life event when people consider buying life insurance. Find out how much cover you might need as a parent in this guide.

  • Life insurance when single

    Do you need life insurance if you’re single, and if so what are the benefits? Find out if insurance is right for you in our life insurance guide for singles.

  • Life insurance after divorce

    Dealing with life insurance after divorce can be complicated. Read our guide to learn what happens with different types of policies, and changing beneficiaries.

  • Life insurance families

    Having a family is a key reason many people buy life insurance. Find out why is life insurance is important for families and children and what it covers.

  • Life insurance for first time home owners

    If you've just bought your first property, life insurance could help keep your loved ones protected if something unexpected happened. Find out how life insurance works for first-time buyers, here.

  • Life insurance and funeral planning

    Read our guide to life insurance and funeral cover, here. Learn about the policy options available, costs of a funeral and ways of paying for the ceremony.

  • Life insurance for young adults

    Getting life insurance as a young adult has its advantages. Read our guide to life insurance for young people to learn if it can benefit you.

  • Life insurance for high-risk occupations

    Some jobs or lifestyles expose individuals to more danger. High-risk life insurance covers people who are at a higher risk. Learn how it works, here.

  • Life insurance for cancer patients

    Read our comprehensive guide to getting life insurance as a cancer survivor and how to make a claim after a diagnosis.

  • Life insurance for moving abroad

    If you plan on moving overseas, it could affect your life insurance. Here’s what you need to know about life insurance for UK citizens moving abroad.

  • Self-employed life insurance

    Self-employed and thinking about life insurance options? Read our guide to help understand how it works, what types you could consider, and if you need it.

  • Self-employed income protection insurance

    Read our guide to income protection insurance for the self-employed and how it could support your livelihood and family if anything happened to you.

  • Life insurance and mental health

    Mental health affect us all at anytime. Our guide covers how psychological issues impact life cover and what insurers might ask you during your application.

Life insurance terms explained

  • Life insurance premiums

    How are life insurance premiums calculated? Here’s everything you need to know about premiums, how they’re calculated and things to consider.

  • Life insurance beneficiaries

    What is a life insurance beneficiary? Find out everything you need to know about beneficiaries, putting life insurance into a trust, and more, in this guide.

  • Life insurance payouts

    Find out how life insurance payouts work, what to do if you receive one and answers to other key questions. Read our guide here.

Other life insurance guides

  • Appointing an executor of a will

    In this guide, we look at the role of an executor of a will and how to appoint one. We also answer the question of whether an executor can be a beneficiary.

  • Life insurance and inheritance tax

    In this guide, we will explain inheritance tax and the inheritance tax threshold and how to use a life insurance policy to pay an inheritance tax bill.

  • Life insurance for diabetics 

    Wondering how diabetes could affect your life insurance policy? Find out more about life insurance cover for type 1 and type 2 diabetics in this guide.

  • Life insurance for smokers

    Wondering how smoking could affect your life insurance policy? Find out all you need to know when looking for a policy as a smoker, here.

  • Changing life insurance 

    Thinking of changing life insurance provider or product? Read our comprehensive guide on reviewing your cover, amending your policy and switching.

  • Life insurance for women

    The popularity of life insurance for women is continually rising. But do you need it? Read our guide to women’s life insurance and learn more.

  • Life insurance and medical records

    Do life insurance companies check medical records? And is it possible to get life insurance without medical history disclosure? Find out more in this guide.

  • Life insurance application

    Wondering how to fill out a life insurance application? Take a look at what information you need to provide and why.