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Our sustainability goals

  • To be carbon neutral by 2025
  • To reach Net Zero by 2050 or earlier
  • To help 100 million people be 20% more active by 2025

"We exist to support our members. We're also completely dedicated to the communities in which we operate. Understanding the role we can play in these communities allows us to recognise the impact we can have. And this has the potential to bring about real change, creating a better future for us all."

Our approach to sustainability

Everything we do stems from our core purpose: to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. We also believe that healthy people need a healthy world to thrive.

This is why our approach to sustainability focuses on bringing about positive change for people and the planet. It’s a world where we'll all share the benefits of healthier living, which is the idea at the heart of everything we do.

Inspiring positive change

We’re experts in encouraging positive behaviour change through the use of incentives. We call this ‘shared value’. That’s because everyone wins when our members make more sustainable choices – our members themselves, us as a company, and society in general.

As we aim to inspire people to make more sustainable choices across their lives, our approach to sustainability focuses on three key areas:

  1. Environmental: to reduce the impact that our business has on the planet
  2. Social: to encourage behaviour that supports the planet and helps people live healthier lives
  3. Governance: to make sure that our business strategy reflects a sustainable approach. This includes reduced carbon consumption.

By applying this across our entire organisation, we can bring about real change.

Our approach to environmental and social sustainability

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    Use our incentives and rewards to drive sustainable behaviour change. For example, by helping members make heathier choices that also have a positive impact on the environment.

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    Working with businesses

    Bring about better health outcomes through sustainable health and wellbeing programmes.

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    Use Shared Value to create healthier and greener communities. We’ll do this with the help of sponsorships, partnerships and community programmes.

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    Develop products that create healthier, more active communities, to help them make more sustainable choices.

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    Have an inclusive and diverse culture and workforce. Encourage our employees to achieve their ambitions. And use the Vitality Programme to inspire employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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    Drive down the carbon footprint of our business and understand how we use resources. We’ll do this by taking action, both as a business and an employer.

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    Reduce our environmental impact as an investor. We’ll do this by working with our suppliers, partners and customers to bring about sustainable environmental change.

Our parent company, Discovery, has also set out its climate change position for the whole group. This includes Vitality UK.

While there is much more we want to do, we're already making progress in this areas:

  • Vitality car insuranceIn 2021, we launched a programme that incentivises car-free days. It also offsets drivers’ carbon emissions when they drive safer.
  • ESG funds: We launched the VitalityInvest EnVIRO fund range in 2021. It's a ready-made investment solution that follows Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.
  • Health and wellbeing: All our products use incentives and rewards to inspire members to make positive lifestyle choices. Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey has also helped many businesses deliver sustainable health and wellbeing programmes.
  • Internally, we’ve reduced emissions from travel, buildings, catering. We’ve also changed how we manage our suppliers.
  • Placing climate change governance at the core of our businesses.

Helping people live in good health

We know that sport has the power to inspire healthier lives. This is why we partner with leading sports figures, teams and events, and sports bodies. Our partnerships have inspired an increased number of people to take part in sport at all skill levels. They have also motivated people to take the small steps that will dramatically improve their wellbeing over the long-term.

This is something we’ve already been proudly doing for over 17 years. We’ll also remain committed to supporting millions more people to live a more active life.

Find out more about what we’ve already done here and what else we have planned for the future.

Always aiming for better

We're completely committed to doing what we can to build a more sustainable world. Together with our members and the people we work with, we aim to bring about meaningful change.

After all, a healthier planet means healthier people, which is good for you, good for us and good for society.