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Healthy People,
Healthy Planet

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Vitality's approach to sustainability

Vitality is a business that drives positive change. We reward people for making and sustaining healthier choices. But healthy people also need a healthy environment.

Find out how Vitality is helping to drive a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Responsible business

We believe good governance and a strong culture are key to being a responsible and resilient business.

What this means for us:

  • We have robust governance that ensures we can respond to risks, including those associated with climate change. It also helps us to track those changes appropriately.
  • We live by our values. They define what's expected of our people, what's important to our members and our business.
  • We have strong policies and standards that support the delivery of good governance. Areas where we have specific Standards include responsible investment, data ethics and the prevention of financial crime.
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    Discovery Group's mission

    Vitality is part of Discovery, a multinational financial services organisation. Discovery's sustainability framework outlines four areas where we believe we can extend our impact. These key areas are:

  • Physical health
  • Holistic health
  • Collective health
  • Planetary health

  • Learn more about Discovery Group's integrated sustainability framework.