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What is financial crime?

Financial crime covers a wide range of criminal offences including fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption, terrorist financing and tax evasion.

Financial gain is the primary motivation for these crimes.

How does financial crime impact you?

Everyone is a potential victim, financial crime awareness is key to your protection.

Financial crime is not victimless and can have an impact on people in multiple ways; not only financially through the increase in policy premiums, but also emotionally - for example in instances where identity fraud is committed, it can particularly affect the confidence of vulnerable customers in their ability to manage their financial affairs.

How can I protect myself?

Keep it secret

Consider your personal details to be as valuable as cash – in the hands of a criminal there is no difference.

Protect your information

Don’t give any personal information (name, address, phone numbers etc.) to people or organisations before first verifying their credentials.

Safeguard your plan details

Always protect your Vitality membership number and plan number.

Watch out for 'cold-calls' 

Some fraudsters will "cold-call" armed with minimal information hoping to elicit a whole lot more. So, if you receive a suspicious phone call hang up immediately.

How is Vitality protecting you?

Vitality believes our customers are honest, and the contract between us is based on mutual trust.  Unfortunately, just like you, as a business we have to remain vigilant protecting the claims spend,  commission spend and third party transactions from dishonest individuals/entities. 

  • Vitality has Fraud Teams who are actively detecting and preventing fraud
  • They work closely with other insurers and share information as detailed in our Privacy Notice
  • Vitality will seek to recover any loses as a result of any dishonest or fraudulent actions
  • If any claim is in any respect dishonest or fraudulent or if any dishonest or fraudulent means or devices are used by a customer, any member of their household or anyone acting on the customer’s behalf to obtain benefit under their plan (including any cashback, discounts or rewards), then all benefits under the customer’s plan may be lost and they may have to return to
  • Vitality any payments already made as a result of any dishonest or fraudulent actions
  • Vitality will also seek to recover any commission paid to a firm for a policy which is in any way deemed to be fraudulent
  • Vitality carries out supplier due diligence and ensure a robust contract is in place prior to transacting with any third party.

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There's more than one way to protect yourself against financial crime

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