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Life insurance for families

5 Star Defaqto rated cover to protect your nearest and dearest.

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Protect your family's financial security for the future

If you couldn't work, or you passed away, a life insurance payout would help your family's finances. They could use the money to pay off debts, like the rest of your mortgage.

Family life insurance isn't a standalone policy, plan or product. It just refers to a life insurance plan.

How much life insurance do you and your family need?

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Do I need life insurance for my family? 

It's common for people to consider life insurance if:
  • You don’t have enough savings to cover your outgoings if you weren't earning
  • You're about to start a family or already have children
  • You couldn't pay for your child's school or university fees if you weren't earning.

What's the best type of life insurance cover for my family?

Below are some of the award-winning cover options that we offer. You can choose one plan, or combine options so it's personalised for you and your family.

  • Life insurance

    This pays out a tax-free lump sum to you or your family if you become terminally ill or die.

  • Income protection insurance

    If you get sick and can't work, income protection insurance pays you part of your monthly income. It's tax free and helps you protect your finances while you recover.

  • Serious illness cover

    You can add serious illness cover to a life insurance plan or buy it as a standalone plan. If you're diagnosed with a serious illness we cover, you'll receive a lump sum payout.

  • Mortgage protection insurance

    Mortgage protection pays off the rest of your loan if you become ill or die during the policy. This means your family could keep their home.

Why choose Vitality’s life insurance for your family?

✓ A brand you can trust - In 2020, we paid out 99.6% of life insurance claims
✓ Affordable cover - Get discounted premiums when you add Optimiser to your plan. Plus, get active and you could keep your premiums lower
✓ Access to Vitality partner discounts and rewards - Add your children to your plan and get discounts at the Disney Store and more
✓ Free no-obligation advice - Our advisers offer free, expert advice
✓ Add children to your plan - Add more children to your plan without further underwriting.
Vitality's life insurance is 5-star Defaqto rated
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How much cover do I need?

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Life insurance for families FAQs

No, you can only add your spouse and children to your plan.
Yes. If your circumstances change you can increase your cover or buy extra policies. You can also choose to add indexation to your plan at no extra cost. This makes sure you always keep the level of cover you need and increases your cover each year. You can also choose to opt out of any future increases.
Yes you can. Take your little one into consideration when deciding on the type of plan.
Life insurance could ensure the costs of having a baby are covered if something happened to you.
If your spouse is relying on you financially, then they are considered a dependent.

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