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Life insurance for families

Protection for your loved ones

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If you are taking out life insurance to protect your family, you will need to take into consideration your dependants and what they would need to cover their expenses without your salary.

If you take out Life Cover, your family would receive a lump sum if you died during the plan term. Alternatively you can protect yourself against serious illness with Income Protection Cover or Serious Illness Cover, ensuring your outgoings would be covered while you take the time you need to recover. 


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How does life insurance work?

To take out life insurance plan which factors in the needs of your family and dependants, your adviser will talk through your individual circumstances so they can help you understand the best plan for you.

They will ask questions such as the number of dependants you have, their ages and anything you have in place already to protect them. This means if you were to die or fall seriously ill during the plan term, your family could maintain their current lifestyle and cover all their outgoings.

Do I need life insurance?

If your family are relying on your salary, life insurance is likely to be worthwhile for you. It is common for people to be looking for life insurance if they don’t have enough savings to cover their outgoings without their salary.

Important life events can make a difference too, if you are concerned about the cost of having a baby or how much it will cost to send your children to university without your earnings, taking out a life insurance plan can help ease your mind.

Life insurance benefits

Some of the ways our VitalityLife insurance offers additional protection for your loved ones.

✓ If you decide to grow your family, you have the option to add more children to your plan without further underwriting*
✓ Additional protection options for your children including Core Serious Illness Cover for Children and Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children

If you decide to add your children to your plan they can benefit from:

✓ Discounted Disney themed Garmin activity trackers1
✓ Disney Store discounts between 10% and 25% depending on your Vitality status2

If you choose to add Serious Illness Cover to your plan we will:

✓ Automatically include your children at no additional cost*
✓ Include additional cover such as complications of pregnancy, congenital conditions and a funeral benefit

*Available on the VitalityLife Plan

Why choose us?

Benefit from a family life insurance plan which rewards you for being healthy

  • A brand you can trust

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    In 2018 we paid out 99.8% of life insurance claims3

  • Discounts and rewards

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    Over £81 million given in benefits and rewards in 20184

  • Improve your health

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    Lower incidence of Life Cover claims in actively engaged members5

  • Free no-obligation advice

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    Our advisers are highly trained and offer free, expert advice

Cover options

Below are some of the award-winning cover options that we offer. You can tailor your plan to include multiple cover options so it's personalised to the needs of you and your family.

Life Cover

Pays out a cash lump sum to your loved ones if you die. The amount would be agreed upon by you when setting up your plan so you can ensure your family would have what they needed to maintain their lifestyle.
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Serious Illness Cover

Our Comprehensive Serious Illness plan gives you cover for 182 conditions which is more than any critical illness cover on the market1.

In comparison to a typical Critical Illness plan:
  • We cover 182 conditions on our Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover and 153 on Primary Serious Illness Cover
  • That’s more conditions than any other provider1
  • We cover all heart attacks, all strokes and more cancers than any other insurer1
  • We payout based on how severe your condition is. You can claim more than once if you have cover left.
  • We also provide Later Life Care options – Dementia and FrailCare Cover and Dementia and FrailCare Cover Plus, along with benefits from SuperCarers.
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Income Protection Cover

Pays you a monthly income if you can't work due to serious illness or injury.

In 2018, 90% of Income Protection claims were for members under the age of 50, highlighting the importance of this for all ages6.

Our 5-star defaqto rated Income Protection also  includes:
  • Financial support when you return to work, if you return with a reduced capacity and earn less than before you were off work.
  • An additional payment when you return to work to help you manage with any additional costs.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I add my parents to my insurance

Yes you can. If you have ageing parents and are concerned about whether they could support themselves without you, it might be sensible to add them to your insurance plan.

Could life insurance help me cover the cost of having a baby

If you are thinking about having a baby or if you have a little one on the way, life insurance can help you ensure the costs of having a baby are covered in result of death or if you are unable to work because of illness.

Can I change my plan later

Yes. If your circumstances change you can increase your cover or buy extra policies. You can also choose to add indexation to your plan at no extra cost. Indexation protects you against rises in the cost of living, making sure you always keep the level of cover you need and increases your cover each year without the need to go back through our application process. You can also choose to opt out of any future increases.

Can I take out life insurance while pregnant

Yes you can. Having a baby on the way can be a key trigger leading people to look into getting life insurance. You can take your little one into consideration when deciding on the payout and the type of plan to make sure there would be enough to cover the costs of having a baby if something were to happen to one of you.

Is a spouse a dependent?

They can be, if your spouse is relying on you at all financially then they will be considered as a dependent.

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Important information

1If you have at least one child aged 4 or over on your plan, you'll qualify for a discount on a selected Garmin activity tracker for each child
2Monthly and annual limits will apply on the Disney store discounts
3The percentage of claims accepted for life and terminal illness cover in 2018 was 99.8% and the total amount paid was £56.3 million
4With VitalityLife's Optimisers which are available at an additional monthly cost of £1.75 for Select or £4.50 for Full. Source: Vitality internal data, May 2019. Rewards, benefits and engagement in 2018 are based on VitalityLife and VitalityHealth members.
5According to Vitality internal data (2018), over the past five years members who engaged in the Vitality Healthy Living Programme had a significantly lower incidence of Life Cover claims across all age groups when compared to those who did not engage.
6Vitality member data (2018)
7Defaqto verified Competitor Comparisons, Nov 2019