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Get more from your life insurance with Optimiser

What is Optimiser and what do you get with it?

When you buy life insurance with us, you can add on Optimiser for no extra cost. This will get you:
  • Up to 40% off your life insurance premiums
  • The opportunity to keep your premiums lower
  • Quicker underwriting - applying for life insurance can be a lengthy process. With Optimiser, we'll ask you less questions.
To add it to your plan, speak to our team once you’ve got a quote.

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How you could keep your premiums lower

  • Step 1: Join Vitality


    Buy life insurance with us and add on Optimiser.

  • Step 2: Get active


    Track your activity and healthy habits to earn points. The more points you earn, the higher your Vitality status.

  • Step 3: Reduce your premiums


    The higher your Vitality status, the lower you could keep your premiums.

Get even bigger and better rewards

Want access to the full range of Vitality partners and rewards? Take these steps:
  1. Buy life insurance and add on Optimiser
  2. Have a monthly premium of at least £45 for a single plan, or at least £60 for a joint plan
  3. Pay a monthly fee of £4.75
  4. This will get you access to all partners and rewards, like Apple Watch and Waitrose & Partners.

Vitality Life members saved £43m through Optimiser discounts in 2023*

*Vitality Claims and Benefits Report 2024

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