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Rewards you for understanding and improving your health

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Once you’ve selected the VitalityLife plan that best fits your needs, you can choose to optimise it and get access to even bigger discounts and rewards.

With Wellness Optimiser, you could get:

  • Up to 50% upfront premium discount with Whole of Life Cover and up to 40% with Fixed-Term Cover
  • The chance to keep your premiums low in future by maintaining and/or improving lifestyle-related health factors and staying active and healthy
  • Access to our great range of discounts and rewards partners through Vitality Select or Vitality Plus for an additional monthly fee
  • Optimiser Underwriting - Applying for life insurance can often be a lengthy process. We are delighted to introduce Optimiser Underwriting: intelligent underwriting with just 5 medical questions available on Life and Serious Illness Cover with Vitality or Wellness Optimiser.  

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Start with an upfront premium discount of up to 50% on Whole of Life Cover and 40% on Fixed Term Cover

With Wellness Optimiser you get an upfront discount of between 15% and 50%, compared to our standard premium for Whole of Life Cover.

The table below shows the upfront discount you would get with Wellness Optimiser for Whole of Life Cover.

Age at entry Your upfront discount 
45 or younger
46-54 43%
55-59 36%
60-64 29%
65-69 22%
70 and older 15%

Alternatively, you can get an upfront discount of up to 45%, compared to our standard premium for Fixed Term cover.

Fixed Term (years) Your maximum upfront discount1
5 8.5%
10 13.5%
15 18.5%
20 23.5%
25 28.5%
30 33.5%
35 38.5%
40 40%

1This is the maximum upfront discount you can get for each term. If you select a term at commencement that allows your plan to continue beyond your 70th birthday, the upfront discount for each term shown above will reduce. The reduction is 0.2% for every year that the plan continues after your 70th birthday. If you have a joint life plan, this will affect each person separately.

Understand and know your health

To help you do that, we encourage you to have a Vitality health check every two years - at a specially discounted rate of £10* - to measure your four key lifestyle-related health factors:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Glucose

This identifies whether each of these health factors are within a healthy range or if you need to take action to improve your health. Get rewarded for staying healthy over the long-term By improving (or maintaining) your Wellness and Vitality statuses, you can control how much your premiums change from year to year, like this:

Vitality Status

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Wellness Status Select 2% 1% 0% -1%*
Healthy 3% 2% 1% 0%

Everyday 4% 3% 2% 1%

*Your maximum premium reduction, due to annual premium adjustments on Wellness Optimiser is capped at 5%. Please speak to your financial adviser for more details.

Please speak to our advisers for more information about how to maintain or improve your Wellness and Vitality statuses

To recognise the extra effort needed to stay active as you get older, once you get to 70 years of age, your premiums will only change based on your Vitality status – as though you had a Wellness status of Select.

The more active you are, the bigger the rewards

Partner discounts and rewards

When you add Wellness Optimiser to your plan, not only will you get access to an upfront discount, you’ll also receive savings and discounts with our reward partners:

If your monthly premium is below £45 for a single plan or £60 for a joint plan:

  • You'll get Vitality Select for an additional monthly fee of £1.75 per person.
  • Giving you access to a number of reward partners including Champneys, Runners Need, WW and Garmin.

If your monthly premium is £45 or over for a single plan:

  • You'll get Vitality Plus for an additional monthly fee of £4.50 per person.
  • Giving you access to reward partners including Virgin Active and Headspace.

If your monthly premium is £60 or over (single or joint plans):

  •  You'll get Vitality Plus for an additional monthly fee of £4.50 per person.
  • This will give you access to our full range of rewards partners.

Compare your benefit options

Explore the differences between the benefits available to you with Wellness Optimiser and Vitality Optimiser.

Learn more

Wellness Optimiser for Diabetics

If you have Type 2 diabetes or an increased premium due to a high BMI**, we give you a higher upfront discount, because we recognise you may need to work harder to maintain or improve your health. Speak to one of our VitalityLife advisers for details or find out how you can live well with diabetes.
Learn more

Vitality Healthcheck

Has your life insurer changed your life?

Chris had a discounted health check as part of his VitalityLife insurance. It helped reveal he had type 2 diabetes. This crucial early warning meant he was able to take action before it was too late. 
Learn more
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Vitality Plus may also be added within three months of the plan's start date or at each anniversary of the plan. Further terms and conditions apply.

*Additional 15% off life insurance premium is available for Whole of Life with indexation and an optimiser.

**You are entitled to two discounted health checks or screenings a plan year.

***A high BMI that results in an underwriting loading being applied to your premium. Our advisers will explain what this means in more detail.