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Whole of life insurance

  • Leave your loved ones a guaranteed lump sum payout when you pass away
  • Cover that lasts for the whole of your life
  • Cover against inheritance tax

Top-rated life insurance tailored to you

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What is whole of life insurance?

Whole of life insurance is a life insurance policy that guarantees your family get a payout when you pass away. It's cover for your peace of mind that your loved ones will have financial security no matter what.

Unlike term life insurance, which has a policy end date, whole of life insurance only ends when you pass away or stop paying the premiums. 

This is why the payout is guaranteed. You may also hear it called ‘life assurance’.

Why choose a whole of life insurance plan?

You get lifelong cover that guarantees a payout for your loved ones.

You’d choose a Whole of life plan if you want to:

  • pay for your funeral costs
  • leave a legacy for your family to enjoy
  • protect against inheritance tax*

Keep paying your premiums, to be sure your family will get a lump sum payout when you pass away.

*If your whole of life plan is held in trust, it can help your loved ones pay any inheritance tax, as the tax-free pay-out will not form part of the estate.

Why Vitality Whole of life cover?

You get award-winning cover that can make you healthier and save you money.

With a Vitality Whole of life plan you get:

  • peace of mind that your loved ones will get a guaranteed payout when you pass away
  • Improve your health, with our unique healthy living programme
  • you can change your cover at any time to match your needs

Plus, add our unique LifestyleCare cover to pay for any expenses, if you’re diagnosed with a later-life illness, like dementia.

A brand you can trust - Last year, we paid out 99.7% of life cover claims1

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How much does Whole of life insurance cost?

How much you pay depends on things like:

  • How much cover you choose
  • Your age, health and lifestyle, including previous conditions or smoking
  • Whether you have a high-risk job such as a firefighter

A whole life insurance policy is more expensive, as it pays out a guaranteed lump sum when you die. But for your loved ones, the cost may be worth it.

Our life insurance starts from £5 a month and you get up to 40% off your premiums in the first year*.

Keep that great discount every year when you stay active.

*For plans with a monthly premium above £45 for a single plan, or above £60 for a joint plan - an extra £4.75 is charged to get the full range of rewards.

Make your cover work for you

Choose from our whole of life options, so you get the cover that suits your needs.


Whole of life insurance

You can increase your cover as your needs change over time. Just pay your premiums until the end of your plan.


Save up to 40%

Save up to 40% on your premium right away. Plus, the healthier you are, the lower your premium stays.

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Later life cover

Add our unique LifestyleCare cover to pay for any expenses, if you’re diagnosed with a later-life illness, like dementia.

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Keep up with inflation

Protect yourself against the cost of living with indexation2This makes sure your cover keeps its value, so it's worth the same when you need to claim in the future. Let’s explain.

Save on premiums and get rewarded

The healthier you are, the more you can save

Up to 40% off your premiums

Enjoy real value as soon as your plan starts. The healthier you are, the lower your premium stays.3

Join the Vitality Programme

We'll help you save money and get active, with tips and tools to understand and improve your health.

Get rewarded

When you get active, you'll unlock rewards, like gym membership, spa breaks and weekly coffee. Explore Vitality partner discounts and rewards.

Keep your premiums low

Stay active, look after your health, the lower your premiums will be.

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Want some help?

You can always get free advice from one of our qualified experts. Just call us on 0808 159 1421


Book a callback.
We’re more than happy to help you find you the right cover, at a price that works for you. No obligations, no hidden charges.

How to make a claim on your Whole of life plan

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Make a claim

Call us on 0345 601 0072, email [email protected] or find out more.


We'll assess the claim

Our team will keep you updated on the progress of your claim.



When the claim is approved, they’ll get a lump sum into the nominated bank account.

Call charge information

Calls to ‘03’ numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number, whether from a mobile or landline. If you get inclusive free calls to local rate numbers with your landline or mobile tariff, calls to ‘03’ numbers will be included.

Whole of life FAQs


1Vitality Claims and Benefits Report 2024

2 Indexation changes your premium and your cover amount each year in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI). This amount is rounded up to the nearest 0.25% and will never increase more than 10% a year.

3Only available when you add Optimiser to your plan. An extra monthly fee of £4.75 per person may apply. Get an upfront discount of 40% on Whole of Life insurance or up to 30% discount on Term life insurance. Minimise your premium increase by looking after your health and building your Vitality status. - Inheritance Tax