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Healthy Living rewards

Get rewarded for living a healthy life

Diet starts Monday right? We’ve all been there, so why not try our Healthy Living Programme to see if you can stick to healthier habits…

  1. Understand your health
  2. Get healthier
  3. Get rewarded.

When you become a Vitality member, complete your Health Review to find out your Vitality Age. Your Vitality Age could be more or less than your actual age, depending on how you live your life. 

Then get healthier to get rewarded, like walking your dog or going for a run or a swim. When you link your activity tracker to Vitality you can earn points for getting active. The higher your points, the bigger your rewards:

To earn Healthy Living rewards, buy a qualifying health insurance, life insurance or investment plan. If you buy more than one qualifying health and life insurance plan, you can also enjoy extra benefits with Vitality Pink. Benefits and rewards vary by plan. See each partner benefit or reward for qualifying plans and terms and conditions.


The Healthy Living Programme


How do Healthy Living rewards work?

  • Buy a Vitality product

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    Choose health insurance, life insurance or an investment.

  • Register for Member Zone

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    Once you’re a Vitality member, register for Member Zone to complete your Health Review and find out your Vitality Age.

  • Link a device and get active

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    Link your device to Vitality to earn Vitality points. Then get active to earn partner rewards and discounts.

Healthy Living reward partners

Healthy Living reward FAQs

You’ll qualify for all the Healthy Living rewards if you have one of the following Vitality plans:

You’ll qualify for some Healthy Living rewards if you have one of the following Vitality plans:

To understand what rewards or discounts would be available with your plan, check out our Vitality partners.