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Vitality at Work 

Build a healthier workforce, build a stronger business

10-249 employees 1000+ employees

Engage your employees and improve their health with Vitality at Work

Employee health, wellbeing and engagement has never been more important. According to Britain's Healthiest Workplace, unhealthy lifestyles on the rise. Hybrid working makes it harder to understand key health risks affecting your employees. That's why we've created Vitality at Work.

It gives your employees limited access to the Vitality Programme. It helps them understand their health and rewards them for getting healthy. They'll also get access to benefits that tackle mental wellbeing and musculoskeletal issues. These are leading causes of absence and presenteeism (at work without being productive).

And if you can understand their health, you can improve it. Vitality at Work gives you bespoke surveys, and your employees access to personalised health reviews. Our Workplace Wellbeing team will then help you develop a workplace health strategy. We can also help deliver health check days, workshops, online classes and more.

For 10 to 249 employees

Vitality at Work Business

We offer an affordable way to build a healthy workplace if you're a small to medium size business. Our solution includes:

- Online doctor appointments
- Annual healthchecks 
- Mental health cover
- Plus, rewards for healthy living.

All for £7.50 per person, per month. IPT included.
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For 1000+ employees

Vitality at Work Enterprise

With large organisations, it’s not always easy to understand employee health. Our solution can include everyone in your workforce, and has:

- Annual healthchecks
- Health screening discounts
- Employee Assistance Programme
- Plus, rewards for healthy living.

All for £2 per person, per month (flexible options available). VAT not included.
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Do you have between 250-999 employees?

We can still help - just get in touch.

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Healthy habits with our services

Our wellness services can support you to inspire your employees to healthier habits. With Vitality At Work, you’ll be able to take advantage of our:

- Vitality Healthcheck Day 
- Premium Wellness Day 
- Lifestyle Assessment and
- Healthy living workshops with a Vitality Coach.

And with the Vitality Champions programme, our performance champions can help you drive those healthy results.
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