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Life insurance with rewards for healthy living

5-star Defaqto rated life cover. Plus, with a qualifying plan you could get Apple Watch.

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance helps your family with their finances if you die within the policy term. Your family will get a tax-free payout, giving you peace of mind that they’re looked after.

Most people buy life insurance when they're: having a baby; buying a house; marrying their partner; or nearing retirement.

If you’re buying a home, it’s also a good idea to think about life insurance to cover your mortgage, too. If you die before you’ve paid off your mortgage, then your family don’t need to worry about the monthly repayments.

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What are the different types of cover?

Choose a type of cover or combine them for more a comprehensive plan.

  • Life insurance

    Life insurance or life cover pays out a lump sum to your family when you die. You can take out term life insurance for a fixed amount of time, or whole of life insurance.

  • Income protection insurance

    Pays you a tax-free monthly income if you get sick or injured and can't work.

  • Serious Illness Cover

    Pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness. You’re more likely to get a payout with our cover than any other critical illness cover insurer1.

  • Mortgage protection insurance

    Helps you to pay your mortgage if you get ill or you die before your mortgage is paid off.

Why choose our life insurance?

We believe in making a difference to people’s lives - With our unique approach to insurance we help you take a more active role in managing your own wellness. This can encourage you to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for you, good for us and good for society

5-star award-winning cover - Our Life Cover, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection Cover have all received top marks from Defaqto. Defaqto is an independent financial research company that only provides 5-star ratings to the most comprehensive products on the market

✓ We paid out 99.5% of all life cover claims in 20192

We cover more conditions than any other insurer - Including all heart attacks, all strokes and more cancers than anyone else. Our Serious Illness Cover Plus covers you for 182 conditions, whereas the typical Critical Illness Cover plan only covers for 75 conditions (Defaqto 2019)

Discounts and rewards for healthy living  - As part of our commitment to rewarding you for being healthier, we offer an extensive range of discounts and savings on such things as gym fees, activity trackers, cinema tickets and flights

We offer free no-obligation advice - New to life insurance? Our expert team of financial advisers can help. We’ll get to know your situation and tailor a plan to suit your needs. Give us a call on 0161 2167 595 or request a callback.
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Vitality's mortgage protection insurance is 5-star Defaqto rated


Why should I buy life insurance?

For many people, life insurance is an excellent way to protect the things that matter the most – such as making sure your family’s financial future is more secure if something unexpected happens to you. It can also help to protect financially against critical illnesses, the loss of income if you get ill, or to ensure your mortgage repayments are covered if anything were to happen.

How do you work out the price of my life insurance?

Your premiums are based on lots of things, such as your age, height and weight; your health; whether you’re employed in a high-risk occupation; and whether you smoke. Cover with VitalityLife can start from just £8 per month but can change depending on such things as the amount of cover you need, the amount of time you want to be covered for, any pre-existing medical conditions etc.

Can I add Critical Illness Cover to my plan?

We don’t offer Critical Illness Cover, we offer Serious Illness Cover, which is different as it pays you out for less severe conditions as well as critical ones. Serious Illness Cover gives you a percentage of your cover amount based on the severity of your condition. This means we’re able to pay out on a wider range of illnesses - not just the debilitating or life-threatening ones covered by typical critical illness policies.

With us, you can include Serious Illness Cover with Life Cover or take it on its own. The level of Serious Illness Cover you’ll need depends on a few things, so we recommend talking to a VitalityLife adviser first.

Can I change my plan if my circumstances change?

Yes. If your circumstances change you can increase your cover or buy extra policies. You can also choose to add indexation to your plan at no extra cost. Indexation protects you against rises in the cost of living, making sure you always keep the level of cover you need and increases your cover each year without the need to go back through our application process. You can also choose to opt out of any future increases.

How long should my life insurance cover be for?

It’s entirely up to you. We offer a minimum term of five years or a term that covers you for the rest of your life . Most people will align their length of time with when they expect their mortgage to be paid off. You can then continue to reassess your protection needs as your life circumstances change.

Do I need to have a medical exam before I take out life insurance?

Not necessarily, but you must tell us about any medical conditions as part of your application. If you don’t suffer from any conditions you may not need to have a medical.

How much life insurance cover do I need

This will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Have a think about:

- How much is left to pay on your mortgage
- How much other debt you have to pay
- How much you would need to pay towards childcare or education
- How much your loved ones would need to maintain their lifestyle
- How much you may need if you get a critical illness
- How much you can afford

You can find out more here, otherwise if you’re new to life insurance it can be a good idea to get tailored advice from a qualified financial adviser. Our expert team can offer free no-obligation advice over the phone on 0161 2167 595

What’s the difference between level, decreasing and indexed life insurance?

This is used to determine the structure of your plan and the value that it’s worth over time. The monthly premiums you pay may change depending on this.

Level cover means that the value of your plan stays the same over time. It will only change if something happens such as you make a claim or change your cover.

Indexed cover means that the value of your plan will increase each year to align with inflation and rises to the cost of living.

Decreasing cover means that the value of your plan decreases over time. This may align with decreases to your mortgage amount as you continue to pay it off.

Our additional covers and options

  • Family Income Cover – provides your family with a set monthly income if you fall seriously ill or die. You can choose a payment period of up to 10 years and increase your cover in line with living costs. Family Income Cover can be added onto Life Cover, Serious Illness Cover or Income Protection
  • Optional Serious Illness Cover for Children – pays you a cash lump sum if your child suffers a serious illness. You can get from £15,000 to £100,000 cover for each child named on your plan and can be added onto can be added onto Life Cover, Serious Illness Cover or Income Protection
  • LifestyleCare Cover – can be added onto Life Cover and gives you financial help at times when you can no longer look after yourself due to degenerative illnesses like dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke.

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