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Vitality support hub

If you’re considering joining Vitality or are an existing member, our support hub is here for you to find out more information about our plans and to help answer any of your questions.

Choose a support guide

  • Health insurance

    Discover everything you need to know about making a health insurance claim and the Vitality GP service

  • Life insurance

    Find our most frequently asked questions about life insurance and what you need to do before making a claim

  • Investments

    Here you can learn about our VitalityInvest plans and view our frequently asked questions

  • Vitality Programme

    Find out how you can earn Vitality points for being healthy and earn rewards from our partners

Useful links 

  • Tools and guides

    We’ve created tools, calculators and guides to help get you started and guide you through to get the best type of insurance for you.

  • Glossary

    We’ve created a glossary of health and life insurance definitions to help you navigate the world of insurance.