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Menopause support 

Included in our private health insurance at no extra cost.

Dedicated menopause support, whenever you need it

Menopause is a normal and natural life stage for women, but it can be a tough one. In the UK, 85% of women experience menopause symptoms, and 59% of women have taken time off work because of their menopause symptoms (Peppy, 2022).
Our private health insurance includes access to a range of menopause support services. These include:

  • An online information hub with links to articles and resources
  • Personalised, app-based care
  • Onward referral for certain treatments, if required.
Log in to Member Zone to access resources, including tips on when to use the Peppy app. 

If you’re ready to speak to a menopause practitioner, download the Peppy app. Then enter your Vitality membership number to get started.

How to access personalised menopause support with Vitality

  • Step 1: Join Vitality 

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    Buy private health insurance with us. 

  • Step 2: Go to Member Zone

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    Register for Member Zone to access the online information hub. Here you'll find resources on menopause symptoms and treatment.

  • Step 3: Download Peppy

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    If you need personalised menopause support, download the Peppy app. Here you can access one-to-one consultations, information on symptom management, and more.

Talk to a menopause practitioner on your smartphone

In the Peppy app, you can access:

✓ Unlimited one-to-one messaging with a menopause practitioner
✓ One-to-one video consultations with a menopause practitioner
✓ Support with symptom management, physical and mental wellbeing
✓ Peer support with practitioner-moderated group chat
✓ Trustworthy, vetted links and resources
✓ Weekly live broadcasts on a range of topics.
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Menopause FAQs

Menopause is the process a woman's body goes through to end fertility. The ovaries stop releasing eggs and oestrogen so menstrual periods stop.
Menopause usually happens between the ages of 45 and 55, but it can start earlier. It's diagnosed when a woman hasn't had a period for 12 months.
Natural menopause happens in three stages:
    1. Perimenopause
    This is the transitional stage into menopause when a woman's body starts making less oestrogen. Periods become irregular, but they haven't stopped yet. Symptoms usually start a few months or years before menopause.

    2. Menopause
    Doctors will diagnose menopause when a woman hasn't had a period for 12 months. 

    3. Post menopause
    This is the stage after a woman hasn't had a period for 12 months or longer. It's common to continue having menopause symptoms, even after your periods have stopped.
Common signs, symptoms and side effects of menopause include:
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Irregular bleeding
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Brain fog
  • Sore breasts.

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