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Joint life insurance

Life insurance for couples from just £5 a month.

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What is a joint life insurance policy?

A joint life insurance policy covers you and your other half under one policy.

This means if you or your partner pass away, the other will get a lump sum. The money can be used for anything, like bills and mortgage repayments. This offers you both security in case something unexpected happens.

It’s also called partners life insurance, couples life insurance and first-to-die life insurance.

Why choose our joint life insurance?

  • Cover from day one

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    You and your other half will be covered before your policy even begins.

  • 5 Star Defaqto rated joint life cover

    Our joint life cover is rated 5 Star by Defaqto

    Our cover is verified as a trusted product.

  • Affordable cover

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    Get discounted premiums when you add Optimiser to your plan. Plus, get active and you could keep your premiums lower. Monthly fee may apply.

  • Discounts and rewards

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    Get discounts on popular health and fitness brands and rewards for being active.

How is joint life insurance different from single life insurance?

If you and your partner buy a joint life insurance policy:

  • It covers both you and your partner
  • It pays out once
  • The policy ends when one partner passes away
  • It’s usually cheaper than two single life insurance policies.

If you and your partner buy two single life insurance policies:

  • Each policy covers one person
  • It pays out twice (once each policy)
  • The other partner will still be covered even if one policy pays out
  • It’s usually more expensive than joint life insurance.

Is it better to get joint or single life insurance?

Deciding between joint or single life insurance depends on your personal circumstances.

Joint life insurance is often cheaper and gives you the right amount of cover together as a couple. A joint policy considers both partner salaries and monthly outgoings.

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Joint life insurance FAQs

First-to-die life insurance is another name for joint life insurance. It means that there will be a payout when the first partner on the plan dies, and after this the plan will end.
Yes, you can. You don't need to be married to take out a joint life insurance policy.
This depends on your individual circumstances. In most cases, a couples life insurance plan will be cheaper than two single life insurance plans. This is because it will only pay out for one life instead of two.
If you divorce, you can split your plan into two single life plans.

Likewise if you're not married and split up, you can separate your plan into two single ones.

You can learn more about life insurance and getting divorced in our guide.

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