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Term life insurance

Cover for a fixed term that pays out if you become seriously ill or die.
Get cover with us from just £5 a month.

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What is term life insurance? 

Term life insurance is life insurance that pays out a one-off lump sum if you become ill or die during the policy’s term. You or your family can use the payout for anything like paying off the mortgage, and other debts.

There’s three types of term life insurance: decreasing, level and increasing. Which type of cover is best for you depends on your individual needs.

How much term life insurance
do I need?

Call us on 0808 159 2053 to speak to an adviser, oget a quote.

How does term life insurance work?

  1. Choose how long you'd like to be covered for - From five to 70 years.
  2. Choose how much you want to be covered for - We’ll cover you for up to £18,000,000.
  3. Pay your monthly premiums - Your premiums are calculated based on things like your age and your current health.
  4. If you become critically ill during the policy period, you’ll receive a payout. This can help you cover your finances while you recover.

If you haven’t claimed due to illness and you die within the plan’s term, your loved ones will get a payout.

Have you considered indexation? Indexation is an add-on to your Life insurance policy that allows you to increase your cover in line with inflation. Let’s explain.


Why choose Vitality's term life insurance?

✓ Affordable cover - Get discounted premiums when you add Optimiser to your plan. Plus, get active and you could keep your premiums lower
✓ A brand you can trust - Last year, we paid out 99.7% of life cover claims1
✓ Award winning life insurance - 5 Star Defaqto rated cover
✓ Access to Vitality partner discounts and rewards.
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How much cover do I need?

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Term life insurance FAQs

Term life insurance benefits are paid when you die and your beneficiary files a death claim with us. The payout comes as a one-off lump sum.
With our term life insurance, you can choose to be covered from five to 70 years.
Our term life insurance plans start from £5 a month.
This depends on your individual needs. For advice from one of our financial advisers, give us a call on 0808 271 8355.
Term life insurance is for a set period of time. For example, you pay premiums for 30 years. If you become terminally ill, or die during that period, you or you family will get a payout. 
Whole of life insurance covers you for your entire life. It’s guarantees a payout to your family when you die.
There are three types of term life insurance. What type is best for you depends on why you’re taking out life insurance and your key priorities.
Decreasing term insurance 
This is a popular option for people that have a large debt to pay off, like a mortgage. Because the debt decreases, so does the amount of cover you need. 
Level term insurance 
With this type of cover, the amount stays the same over the term. For example, you might take out term life insurance for 50 years with a cover amount of £100,000. Whether you become critical ill or die in year one or year 49, you or your family will get a £100,000 payout. 
This type of cover is suitable for people who want to make sure that you or your family receive the set cover amount. 
Increasing term insurance 
With this option, the payout amount increases with inflation. This means the later in your plan term you become ill or die, the higher the payout is for you or your family.

Our personal protection options

Protect your future with our range of award-winning insurance plans. You can combine plans for more comprehensive cover.

  • Income protection insurance

    Income protection insurance pays you part of your monthly income if you get sick and cannot work. It pays out a monthly income rather than a one off lump sum.

  • Serious Illness Cover

    Life insurance pays out if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness or die. With Serious Illness Cover, you're paid a lump sum if you're diagnosed with one of the conditions we cover. This means you can get a payout for illnesses that may not be life threatening, but still impact your life. You can choose Serious Illness Cover alone, or add it onto your life insurance plan.

  • Mortgage protection insurance

    Mortgage protection insurance is also called decreasing term life insurance. If you become ill or die during the policy term, it pays off the rest of your mortgage so your family can keep their home.

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