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Healthcare providers

All you need to know about our standards, how to become a provider, our fee structure and getting set up for payment.

Our aim is to make sure Vitality members enjoy high-quality healthcare in as simple and stress-free a way as possible - it’s why we offer a Full Cover Promise. This means that members never have to worry about in-patient and day-patient consultants and anaesthetists fees, as we pay in full as long as the treatment is eligible on their plan and the consultant is recognised by us.

To help us achieve our aim, we’re committed to paying you fairly and promptly for your expertise, too. We do this by setting fees in line with CCSD (Clinical Coding & Schedule Development) Schedule guidelines. We regularly do benchmarking reviews as well, to make sure fees always reflect current clinical rates and practice.

Also, in cases where our valuation of a service is different from yours, we work with you to find a rate that’s both fair to you and fair to us.

Like to join our recognised consultant list?

Complete our online application form

Terms of recognition

Like to join our recognised therapist or complementary medicine practitioner list?

Complete our online application form

Therapist recognition criteria

Once completed, please email your form to

To apply to register a new facility or clinic, please email

e-billing and procedure search

  • Submit an invoice

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    A simple and secure way to send us your bill online.

  • Submit hospital/facility invoices

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    Send us your bill via Healthcode.

  • Search for procedures

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    Search by procedure code or description, or browse our index.

Where to next?

  • Our fee structure

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    Find out about fee eligibility, multiple procedure billing and unbundling rules.

  • Our standards

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    We believe in best practice across the board.

  • Setting up billing

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    How to register for e-billing and BACS payments.