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Our values

To protect our members, we only work with providers who show a total commitment to our values

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High standards for patients

We expect our providers to have the same quality and scope across the public and private sectors.

And, to ensure a high level of treatment for our members, our providers must:

  • Practice evidence-based and ethical guidelines
  • Meet the National Minimum Standards for private and voluntary healthcare
  • Follow clinical protocols and guidelines
  • Have reasonable whole-practice audit standards
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    Making working together easier

    Our members expect us to be always open and transparent. Any provider who works with us has a responsibility to do the same. It makes working together simple.

    Our providers must:

  • Ask members whether they have enough cover on their plan for the procedure
  • Be able to provide full details on their bills
  • Submit all invoices via Healthcode – we'll be able to pay you quicker
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    No compromises on ethical standards

    We commit to preserving the integrity of the private healthcare sector. So, we continue to track claims trends for irregular billing patterns.

    If we spot a provider charging in unusual or unexplained ways, we will contact them.

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    We do not accept

  • Upcoding – billing a procedure of higher complexity than the one performed
  • Unbundling – extra billing for parts of a complex procedure
  • Billing for services that weren’t provided
  • Billing for services that weren’t medically necessary
  • Altering dates or descriptions of services to secure payment
  • Misrepresentation of diagnoses or procedures to get a full payment
  • We fully support the development of CCSD coding principles to define unacceptable code combinations
  • We’re a member of the Health Insurer Counter Fraud Group. We share information with other insurers to aid the prevention of fraud