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Important Update

From 20th April 2020 we'll be taking CCSD code AC100 'Local Anaesthetic by main operator' off our billing schedule and systems. This means all our codes will now include any charges you may make for local/topical anaesthetic. for more information on this change, please contact

Vitality Health remote consultation reimbursement policy during temporary restriction measures for the containment of COVID-19

As the situation with COVID-19 escalates Vitality is aware that many Healthcare clinicians may be taking precautions and preparing to offer remote consultations. We are very supportive of offering this to our members where this can materially help advance their care.

We have outlined below the circumstances under which remote consultations would temporarily be reimbursed for our members. These terms apply until the 30th June or until we provide you with 7 days notice. 

Initial Consultations: For members where there is seen to be a genuine clinical need to rapidly progress their care, consultants may charge for the initial remote consultation undertaken in a telehealth environment (whether telephonic or ideally via video). Consultant can bill their currently agreed consultation fee up to a maximum of £160. This should be charged using code 20360 (Remote consultation 16-29 minutes) by the consultant.  We acknowledge at this time many of these consultations will be less than 16 minutes.

Follow-up Consultations: For members where there is a genuine clinical need to rapidly have a follow-up consultation to progress a member's care, consultants can bill their currently agreed consultation fee up to a maximum of £120. This should be charged using code 20350 (Remote consultation up to 15 minutes) by the consultant.

This section provides you with information on what our fees are, for the procedures which we cover.

We expect consultants to have a reasonable understanding of the key features of private medical insurance, what this covers, and the options that are available to members if treatment is not covered under their private medical insurance, and are always available to take queries if any arise. Therefore, please be reminded that, to ensure no surprises:

  • Inclusion of a procedure code on this schedule is not an indication of plan cover
  • All members must pre-authorise prior to treatment taking place (and facilities or hospital should also seek authorisation where a member is to be admitted)
  • You must always use the most appropriate code for your procedures
  • If a search returns no code this may be due to a lack of (or limited) recognition/eligibility for funding, and you can contact us if any queries arise.

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Any queries related to Surgeons and Anaesthetists in relation to coding,reimbursement or contracts can be directed to or call 0800 092 9400