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Important Update

From 20th April 2020 we'll be taking CCSD code AC100 'Local Anaesthetic by main operator' off our billing schedule and systems. This means all our codes will now include any charges you may make for local/topical anaesthetic. for more information on this change, please contact


How to register as an individual

Vitality accept online applications from consultants who meet our recognition criteria and agree to our Terms of Recognition, a binding contract, in full.
You can register directly with Vitality using the link below, to submit your invoice you will then have to register with Healthcode or if already registered request access to submit bills to Vitality.

Or you can dual register with both Vitality and Healthcode through this link You will be able to register your fees in Healthcode.

Please note that as a full refund insurer we have responsibility to our members to manage their costs.

The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Before you start, take a look at our Terms of Recognition

Register as a consultant

How to register as a group

We will accept groups for billing purposes only, but individual clinicians also need to register as an individual.
* A clinic or group is a practice that consists of multiple practitioners, if you operate as an individual please complete the individual forms above.

The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 
Before you start, take a look at our Terms of Recognition as a group

Register for recognition

How to bill VitalityHealth

In order to make the billing process as simple and efficient as possible for you and for our members, we are only able to accept invoices electronically via Healthcode. 

Online billing services are provided to VitalityHealth by Healthcode and the details you provide to Healthcode will be shared with VitalityHealth for the purposes of e-billing, other operational requirements registration and maintaining your profile. As of 11th September 2017 only invoices submitted electronically through Healthcode will be accepted by VitalityHealth.

The benefits of registering for eBilling

  • Online validation to ensure your invoice includes all of the information required before submission
  • Avoid invoices getting lost or damaged in the post
  • Send sensitive information securely
  • Receive payments faster
  • Save the time and cost of paper-based admin

 How to register for eBilling (Healthcode)

To register for this mandatory service, please click the button below which will direct you straight to the registration form on Healthcode's website.

Healthcode registration

Register with Healthcode

How to change your details with us

To change your name, postal address, email address, fax, phone number, secretary or admitting rights, please click the button below.

Change your details

To help us settle your invoices promptly and securely you need to provide your bank account details.
To do this or to amend the account details we hold for you, please click the button below.

Change your BACS details

Something special is coming soon

 As one of our core Vitality consultants, we are working in partnership with a leading provider to help our members find and access care with you more quickly and efficiently. We’re soon going to unveil a system which will let you:

  • Update the information Vitality have access to about your practice, specialty, and interests
  • Promote your practice and interests to our members directly and through our healthcare associates
  • Cement your status as one of Vitality’s core consultants


We’ll be in touch with you as developments unfold – no need to do anything for now – and look forward to keeping you updated!

Any questions?

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Send us an email

Email is the best way to reach us - no hold times, and you'll typically have your queries answered within 48 hours. 

Our dedicated provider support email is
If you are a hospital/facility querying contract issues email



Contact us

For all Healthcare Providers enquiries, please give us a call

 0800 092 9400

Monday-Friday: 9am – 5pm