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Healthcare providers


Vitality builds relationships with consultants that provide quality healthcare. Take a look at the tabs below to find out more. For all other queries, email your provider team on or call 0800 092 9400, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Important information

Vitality accepts applications from consultants who meet our criteria. All consultants must agree to adhere to our Terms of Recognition. Read these and make yourself aware of our terms. If you don’t abide by them, your invoices could not be paid or we could decide to no longer work with you.

Our fees can be found on Fee Finder. When you search, you will need the procedure code first. These are on the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development (CCSD) website. You will need to agree to our fees to become recognised with us.

Fees are reviewed regularly so you should check the Fee Finder before submitting your invoice. Find out more about specific fees on our fee finder page.

Customary Consultation Rates

Initial Consultations:
Consultants - £150-£160
Oncologists - £170-£180
Psychiatrists - £200-£250

Follow-up Consultations:
Consultants - £110-£120
Oncologists - £130-£140 
Psychiatrists - £150-£170

Inpatient Care:

Medical admissions
Consultants can bill up to £55 per day from Day 1 of a medical admission. 
Oncologist can bill £60-£80 per day from Day 1 of a medical admission.  We would not expect a charge for in patient care in conjunction with your chemotherapy charges.

Surgical admissions
If you are admitting a member for a procedure, consultants are able to bill up to £50-£60 per day after the first two weeks of any stay – the fee for any post-operative care during this period is included within the procedure fee.

Please agree to our terms of recognition and fees. Then complete your application to become a Vitality recognised consultant via the Private Practice Register.

Individual clinicians need to register as an individual. We will accept groups for billing purposes only. Before you start, take a look at our Terms of Recognition as a group.

We only accept digital invoices. 

We recommend that invoices are submitted via Healthcode for speed and accuracy. Register for free via the Private Practice Register (powered by Healthcode). 

The benefits of eBilling via Healthcode include:

  • Online validation to ensure your invoice includes all information required before submission
  • Avoid your invoices getting lost or damaged in the post
  • Ability to send sensitive information securely
  • Receive payments faster
  • Save the time and cost of paper-based admin.
You can submit invoices to us directly here but you must still be registered on the Private Practice Register (this is a free service powered by Healthcode).
  • Processing invoices via this form will take longer than usual. We will not accept any aged debt queries for invoices under 60 days old 
  • Any invoice submitted through the form more than three months after the treatment date will be rejected
  • This method of invoice submission can only be used for treatment on one date and only one type of treatment 
  • Payment will only be made via bank transfer. Please ensure your details are up to date on The Private Practice Register.

Keep us up to date if your details change. It means we can contact you with important updates and pay the right consultant. If your details do change, please update the Private Practice Register.

Orthopaedic procedure guidelines

Our guidelines are designed to provide consultants with a deeper knowledge and understanding of orthopaedic procedures. Please select one of the relevant links below for more information.

More on knee procedure guidelines
More on non-surgical spinal procedure guidelines
More on shoulder procedure guidelines

CCSD code changes – Paraspinal injections

 Please be advised that as a result of the CCSD changes, Coding for spinal injections is changing on our system on 14th December 2020. This is because of CCSD changes. We don’t accept old coding, unless treatment was authorised before this date.