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Individual providers

A guide to becoming an individual consultant or therapist for Vitality

Register as an individual provider

To become a recognised Vitality provider, you will have to submit an application 

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How to apply

All individuals that apply to be a Vitality provider must meet our criteria. You must agree to our:

  • Fees
  • Your relevant Terms of Recognition;
    - Consultant Terms of Recognition
    - Therapist Terms of Recognition

  • Once you have agreed to the above, apply below.

    Individual provider fees

    You must agree to these fees to become a provider for Vitality 

    These fees are available in our Fee finder.

    To search for your fee, you’ll need a procedure code. These can be found on the Clinical Coding and Schedule Development (CCSD) website.

    We review our fees routinely. Please ensure you check Fee finder before submitting an invoice.

  • Acupuncture – £35
  • Audiology – £70
  • Chiropractic – £45
  • Dietitian – £50
  • Homeopathy – £35
  • Orthoptic - £45
  • Osteopathy – £45
  • Physiotherapy – £35
  • Podiatry – £55
  • Psychology – £80
  • Psychotherapy – £45
  • Speech therapy – £70
  • [1] We would not expect a charge for in-patient care that happens alongside any chemotherapy charges.

    [2] We include the fee for any post-operative care during this period as part of the procedure fee.

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    How to submit an invoice

    We only accept digital invoices.

    We recommend that you submit invoices through Healthcode.

    Through Healthcode, you will:

  • Receive payments faster
  • Have online validation that ensures your invoices have all the required information
  • Securely send sensitive information
  • If you can’t submit an invoice through Healthcode, you can submit your invoices on our website.

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    Need to change your details?

    Keeping your details up to date means that we can contact you with important updates. And make sure that we pay the right person.

    To change your details, log in to the Private Practice Register.

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