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  • Procedure Complexity

    Please use this search tool to determine complexity and length of stay for any given procedure

  • Billing

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    Information on how to ensure your invoices are received by VitalityHealth

  • Facility Recognition

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    If you would like to begin working with us, please apply for recognition

  • Update Details

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    If you would like to update payment, address, or correspondence details for your facility

Facility Recognition

You can apply for recognition in two steps. Please use the tabs above to download, complete and return your application to us. 

Hospital or Facility Recognition

Thank you for your interest in becoming a recognised provider of medical services to VitalityHealth members. 

Documentation Request

In order for us to assess your application, please download and complete the following documents: 

  1.  Facility Profile Form | If you are carrying out inpatient or daycase procedures or if you are carrying out only outpatient procedures
  2. Tariff proposal | Please use our tariff proposal template.

Please also send us copies of the following documentation for our review: 

  1. CQC Certificate or equivalent
  2. Cover for complications (transfer to NHS or other private facility) 
  3. Quality Assurance process
  4. Governance process to ensure all medical personnel are accredited and checked
Terms of Business
If your application is successful, we will send you a short Terms of Business document for signature. This provides clarity to both parties of what is expected during our working relationship. 
Billing Information

Note: It is now mandatory for any newly registered provider to bill VitalityHealth via electronic invoice (EDI). If you would like more information about electronic invoicing, including how you set up this service please contact Healthcode on 0800 012 4648 or alternatively visit

This is the electronic billing services adopted by all of the major UK PMI insurers so registration will allow you to invoice all major UK PMI insurers through the same system. There are a number of benefits to using this service, including reduced administration costs, reduced postage and stationary costs, improved efficiency and enhanced security as opposed to a paper based invoice.


Please email us should you have any questions regarding the recognition process. 

To assist in your application and prevent delay, we've created the Facility Recognition Checklist for you to download and use. 

Once you have compiled the documentation. Please return it to us via email.

We will endeavour to be in touch within 5 working days upon receipt.  

Update Facility Details

To update payment, address, or correspondence details, please fill in the VitalityHealth Facility BACS Form, and return it to us via email. 

Note: if updating address details please include a copy of the CQC (or equivalent) registration for the new site. 

Submit Form via Email

Billing Information

Our preferred method of hospital invoice submission is eBilling. We work with Healthcode, the UK’s official medical bill clearing company, to ensure prompt receipt of your invoice, and to reduce settlement turnaround time. 

For more information and to register, visit Healthcode or call Healthcode on 01784 263 150.
If you are unable to submit invoices, we can accept postal submissions for hospital fees to: VitalityHealth, Sheffield, S95 1DB

Note: any invoices for professional fees that are posted to this address will be rejected.  
Healthcode eBilling Login

Send us an email

Email is the best way to reach us - no hold times, and you'll typically have your queries answered within 48 hours.

Our dedicated provider support email is
If you wish to discuss the fees you charge, email

Contact us

For all Healthcare Providers enquires, please give us a call

 0800 092 9400

Monday-Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 3pm