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A guide to getting your facility set up as a provider for Vitality

Applying for recognition

To become recognised by Vitality, you will need to submit several documents

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Application documents

You will need to complete the following documentation and apply via email:

  • Facility profile form
  • Tariff proposal

  • Please also submit the following documents:

  • CQC certificate or equivalent
  • Cover for complications
  • Quality Assurance process
  • Governance process
  • Stethoscope

    Schedule of procedures

    You'll need to download our spreadsheet [1].

    We update the schedule regularly. We urge providers to download the new version to make sure their system is up to date.

    [1] We do not publish information for procedures we do not cover. We also do not publish information for procedures that need further discussion before we confirm funding.

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    Submitting a bill

    We recommend that you submit bills through Healthcode.

    Through Healthcode, you will:

  • Receive faster payments
  • Have online validation that ensures your invoices have all the required information
  • Securely send sensitive information
    If you can't submit your invoices through Healthcode, please use your usual contractual method.

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    Need to change your details?

    Keeping your details up to date means that we can contact you with important updates. And make sure that we pay the right people.

    To change your details, please submit the form below.

    Frequently asked questions


    Still need help?

    Please submit a query form to get in touch with a member of our team.