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Vitality Healthcheck

One included on selected Health and Vitality at Work plans. Just £12.50 with Life or Invest plans. 

Get to know your health stats

To help you make informed decisions about your health – and see the benefits physical activity can bring – you can have an annual health check through our partner, Bluecrest.

Having a Vitality Healthcheck earns you 240 Vitality points. We’ll also give you another 60 points for each healthy result and 200 Vitality points for confirming you're a non-smoker at the health check. You can earn these points once every plan year.

Get a quote

All it takes is a few minutes to get a quote online.

Virtual health check

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re introducing an alternative way for you to have your annual Vitality Healthcheck and earn points. This virtual health check will be delivered by Bluecrest.

You’ll receive a home testing kit delivered by Bluecrest, which includes a blood test kit and a paper tape, to measure your cholesterol, glucose and waist circumference. Your weight and height will be requested, and if you have scales, proof of the readings will be asked for.

Before you can receive a home kit, you’ll need to book a video consultation with a Vitality nurse. They’ll help you to take your measurements correctly and discuss your results. They will also decide whether to use your historical blood pressure results again this year.

Talk through your numbers

If you have a VitalityHealth plan and you want to follow up the results of your health check, you can also have a consultation with a Vitality GP. They’ll let you know what your results mean and what you can do to improve them.

For extra peace of mind, and if your Vitality GP recommends it, members can also get up to 81% off a range of more detailed checks with Bluecrest. However, you will only get a Vitality GP recommendation if you have a qualifying health plan.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

How much do the health checks cost?

For members with VitalityHealth Business Healthcare plans, Corporate Healthcare
plans or trust schemes administered by VitalityHealth or a Vitality at Work Business
plan, the principal member can have one Vitality Healthcheck each plan year. All other adult members on the plan can have one health check each plan year for £15.

Members on a Vitality at Work Enterprise plan get one Vitality Healthcheck included per plan year, with an extra one for £15.

Members on a VitalityLife or VitalityInvest plan can have one Vitality Healthcheck
each plan year for £12.50. If you have both a VitalityHealth and a VitalityLife or
VitalityInvest plan, you’ll pay the lowest price applicable to your plan.

For members on a VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare plan, one adult member can
book one Vitality Healthcheck at no cost every plan year. Further health checks are
available for other members of the plan and will cost £15.

For virtual Vitality Healthchecks, there is one home testing kit available per adult
member, per plan year.

How often should I have a Vitality Healthcheck?

Having a Vitality Healthcheck once a year is enough for most people to ensure they’re on the right track. You should talk to your GP to make sure this is right for you as everyone’s health and lifestyles are different.

How long will my appointment last?

Up to 30 minutes for face-to-face Vitality Healthchecks.

Can my family have a Vitality Healthcheck?

All members on your plan who are aged 18 or over can have a Vitality Healthcheck. 

How do I book a Vitality Healthcheck?

Log into and visit the Vitality Healthcheck page where you can find your nearest pharmacy and book online. For virtual Vitality Healthchecks, home testing kits will only be sent after a video consultation has been booked. The video consultations will be held by Vitality nurses.

Details correct as of December 2020. Terms and conditions apply at