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Apple Watch payments

Learn about your credit agreement with etika and your monthly payments

Apple Watch Direct Debit with Vitality explained

When you order an Apple Watch with Vitality, you set up a monthly Direct Debit with etika Finance UK Ltd for 36 months and your monthly payments may vary. This will depend on how many Vitality activity points you earn each month and how much Vitality contribution you’ll receive towards your Direct Debit payments. 

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Your credit agreement with etika

Apple Watch with Vitality is offered on a 0% APR credit loan agreement with etika Finance UK Ltd. When you order an Apple Watch with Vitality, you'll set up an account with etika. 

This means that your eligibility to order an Apple Watch with Vitality will depend on the decision to approve your credit. 

If you'd like to know more about applying for credit, please visit etika. 

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Paying for your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 9 is available from £39 upfront and Apple Watch SE is available to order from £1 upfront from Vitality 

Once you've connected it to Vitality, you can earn activity points for getting active. This will determine how much you'll pay etika for your Apple Watch each month, for 36 months. Apple Watch Series 9 RRP from £399 and Apple Watch SE RRP from £219.

The more you move, the less you'll pay...

  • Apple Watch Series 9: You'll pay between £0 and £10 each month
  • Apple Watch SE: You'll pay between £0 and £6 each month.

Learn more about Apple Watch points and payments

Here’s an example:

(Example based on Apple Watch Series 9, 41mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band)  

Total price Initial upfront payment Your activity Monthly Direct Debit payment Balance paid Total saving
£399 £39 160 activity points per month for 36 months £0 £0 (0% APR, variable Direct Debit for 36 months) £380
£399 £39 80 activity points per month for 36 months £5 £162 (0% APR, variable Direct Debit for 24 months) £180

Apple Watch payments FAQs

You’ll be able to track the amount we will contribute to your payment on the Member Zone, or by using the Vitality Member app.

As monthly payments for Apple Watch with Vitality are dependent on how many Vitality activity points you earn each month, you will start with a “payment holiday” from the date you purchased your Apple Watch until the end of one full calendar month.

In the second calendar month, you’ll start earning Vitality activity points towards your first payment.

Your first Direct Debit payment will then be taken at the end of the third calendar month.

Here’s an illustrative example:

  • 15th April – order your Apple Watch
  • Rest of April plus May – payment holiday
  • June – first month earning Vitality activity points
  • 1st August – first Direct Debit payment

Yes, you can pay your loan amount with etika early. However, that will mean your Direct Debit is cancelled and you won't be eligible for any more Vitality contributions. You also won’t be able to buy a further Apple Watch through Vitality until the last planned payment date for the original Apple Watch has passed. You can view your account balance and payments to date by visiting the etika website.

If you cancel your plan or leave your company scheme, your credit loan agreement for your Apple Watch will continue with etika Finance UK Ltd.

As you won’t be earning Vitality activity points, your monthly Direct Debit payments will switch to the maximum amount per month for the remaining period of your credit loan agreement.

Yes, please read our Apple Watch terms and conditions before you order an Apple Watch in Member Zone.