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Be kind to your mind with Headspace

Buy a Vitality insurance plan and get a 12 month subscription to the Headspace app on us. Qualifying plans and terms and conditions apply.

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Get into your Headspace

With the Headspace reward, you'll have access to hundreds of meditations and  mental wellness resources for 12 months. Take some time out to learn how to meditate or get into the zone, at no extra cost to you.

By logging into the Headspace app every day and completing a mindfulness session, you'll start earning Vitality points. Any points you earn can improve your Vitality status. Learn more about Vitality points here.
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How does the Headspace benefit work?

  • Join Vitality


    Buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan, then register to become a Vitality member.

  • Get Headspace

    Once you've registered, sign up to Headspace with the Vitality app.

  • Earn Points


    Connect your Headspace and Vitality apps, to earn points for meditation.

Log into Member Zone to find out if you qualify for this healthy mind benefit.

Mindfulness made simple

Headspace's goal is to help you become more mindful. With a variety of different resources on offer, their aim is to make you the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

The Headspace app covers four areas – Mediate, Sleep, Move and Focus. With your 12-month subscription, you'll have access to:

  • Hundreds of guided meditations to help you reset
  • Sleep sounds and stories to encourage good sleep
  • Relaxing yoga sessions for your body and mind
  • Music and meditations to help you focus

  • Learn more about Headspace and their mission to make minds healthier.
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    Headspace FAQs

    You’ll qualify for the Headspace app benefit if you are an adult member and you have one of the following Vitality plans:

    Health insurance
    Any private health insurance plan.

    Business health insurance
    • Any small business health insurance plan.
    • Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality.

    Workplace Wellbeing
    Any Vitality at Work plan.

    Life insurance
    Any life insurance plan.
    To get your Vitality discount, you’ll need to cancel your current subscription before it renews and start a new 12 month subscription.
    No, the discount only applies to an individual subscription.
    Yes, you can link Headspace to Apple Health and Google Fit, and vice versa, so we can award your points. Go to our Headspace support section to find out more.
    Yes. Vitality reserves all rights to cancel or refuse the discount. It can also deduct any Vitality points awarded under the offer if you have resold or gifted the offer. The Vitality offer cannot be used with any Headspace promotion or special offer. Vitality reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. This offer is also subject to Headspace’s terms and conditions.

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